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20.75. Wer zu Ihm als Gläubiger kommt, der rechtschaffene Werke getan hat, für jene gibt es die höchsten Rangstufen,

[ Ta Ha:75 ]

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Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

4.171. Ya ahla alkitabi lataghluu fii diinikum wala taquuluu AAala Allahiilla alhaqqa innama almasiihu AAiisaibnu maryama rasuulu Allahi wakalimatuhu alqahaila maryama waruuhun minhu faaminuu biAllahiwarusulihi wala taquuluu thalathatun intahuukhayran lakum innama Allahu ilahun wahidunsubhanahu an yakuuna lahu waladun lahu ma fii alssamawatiwama fii al-ardi wakafa biAllahiwakiilan

4.171. O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of Allah, and His word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not "Three". Cease! (it is) better for you! Allah is only One God. Far is it removed from His transcendent majesty that he should have a son. His is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient as Defender. (Pickthall)

4.171. Ihr Leute der Schrift, übertreibt nicht in eurer Religion und sagt nichts über Allah außer die Wahrheit, der Messias Isa, Sohn Marjams, ist ja der Gesandte Allahs und Sein Wort, - Er hat es auf Marjam übertragen, - und Geist von Ihm, also glaubt an Allah und Seine Gesandten und sagt nicht: "Drei!" Hört auf damit, es ist besser für euch, Allah ist ja ein einziger Gott, Preis Ihm, daß Er einen Sohn hätte, Sein ist, was in den Himmeln und was auf der Erde ist, und Allah genügt als Sachwalter. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

4.171. O Leute der Schrift, übertreibt nicht in eurer Religion und sagt gegen Allah nur die Wahrheit aus! al-Masih ´Isa, der Sohn Maryams, ist nur Allahs Gesandter und Sein Wort, das Er Maryam entbot, und Geist von Ihm. Darum glaubt an Allah und Seine Gesandten und sagt nicht "Drei". Hört auf (damit), das ist besser für euch! Allah ist nur ein Einziger Gott. Preis sei Ihm (, und Erhaben ist Er darüber), daß Er ein Kind haben sollte! Ihm gehört (alles), was in den Himmeln und was auf der Erde ist, und Allah genügt als Sachwalter. (Bubenheim)

4.171. O ihr Schriftbesitzer! Treibt es mit eurer Religion nicht zu weit! Sagt über Gott nichts anderes als die Wahrheit! Jesus Christus, Marias Sohn, ist nur Gottes Gesandter und das Wort, das Er Maria verkündete und eine Seele von Ihm. Glaubt an Gott und an all Seine Gesandten! Sagt nicht, die Götter seien drei! Hört damit auf, das ist das Beste für euch! Gott ist Einer. Gepriesen sei Er! Er ist darüber erhaben, dass gesagt werden könnte, Er hätte Nachkommen. Alles, was in den Himmeln und auf Erden ist, gehört Ihm. Auf Ihn allein habt ihr euch zu stützen, hat Er doch alles in der Hand. (Azhar)

4.171. Ihr Schriftbesitzer! Übertreibt nicht in eurem Din und sagt nichts über ALLAH außer der Wahrheit! Almasih 'Isa Ibnu-Maryam, war doch nur ein Gesandter ALLAHs, Sein Wort, das ER Maryam zuteil werden ließ, und ein Ruhh von Ihm. So verinnerlicht den Iman an ALLAH und an Seine Gesandten. Und sagt nicht: ‚(Gott sei) dreifaltig.‘ Hört auf damit, dies ist besser für euch. Gewiß, ALLAH ist nur ein einziger Gott! Gepriesen-erhaben ist ER, dass ER einen Sohn hätte. Ihm gehört, was in den Himmeln und was auf Erden ist. Und ALLAH genügt als Wakil. (Zaidan)

4.171. Ihr Leute der Schrift! Treibt es in eurer Religion nicht zu weit (laa taghluu fie dienikum) und sagt gegen Allah nichts aus, außer der Wahrheit! Christus Jesus, der Sohn der Maria, ist (nicht Allahs Sohn. Er ist) nur der Gesandte Allahs und sein Wort (kalima), das er der Maria entboten hat, und Geist von ihm. Darum glaubt an Allah und seine Gesandten und sagt nicht (von Allah, daß er in einem) drei (sei)! Hört auf (solches zu sagen! Das ist) besser für euch. Allah ist nur ein einziger Gott. Gepriesen sei er! (Er ist darüber erhaben) ein Kind zu haben. Ihm gehört, (vielmehr alles), was im Himmel und auf Erden ist. Und Allah genügt als Sachwalter. (Paret)

4.171. O Leute der Schrift, übertreibt nicht in eurem Glauben und sagt von Allah nichts als die Wahrheit. Wahrlich, der Messias, Jesus, Sohn der Maria, ist nur der Gesandte Allahs und Sein Wort, das Er Maria entboten hat, und von Seinem Geist. Darum glaubt an Allah und Seine Gesandten, und sagt nicht: "Drei." Lasset (davon) ab - (das) ist besser für euch. Allah ist nur ein einziger Gott. Es liegt Seiner Herrlichkeit fern, Ihm ein Kind zuzuschreiben. Sein ist, was in den Himmeln und was auf Erden ist; und Allah genügt als Anwalt. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 171 bis 171

O people of the Book, do not transgress the bounds in your religion, ( 211 ) and attribute nothing but the Truth to Allah. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was no more than a Messenger of Allah and His Command" ( 212 ) that was sent to Mary and a spirit ( 213 ) from Allah (that took the shape of a child in the womb of Mary). So believe in Allah and His Messengers, ( 214 ) and do not say, "There are `Three'." ( 215 ) Forbear from this: this will be better for you. Allah is only One Deity; He is far above this that He should have a son: ( 216 ) all the things in the heavens and in the earth belong to Him, ( 217 ) and He alone suffices for their sustenance and protection. ( 218 )

Desc No: 211
Here "The people of the Book" refers to the Christians who went beyond the bounds in their religion and regarded Jesus as God in their exaggerated reverence and love of him. This was a contrast to the Jews (the other people of the Book) who had gone to the other extreme in their denial of an enmity against Jesus.  

Desc No: 212
The Prophet Jesus has specially been called God's "Command" (Kalimah) because he was born without the usual agency of a father. God sent a Command that Mary should become pregnant without the semen of a man and she conceived. Although in the very beginning, the Christians were told that Christ had been born without a father by the Command of God, yet they were so misled by the Alexandrian Philosophy of Philo that they first mistook Kalimah (Command) for the "Divine Word"; then changed the "Divine Word" into the "Logos"; then they built on the Logos Doctrine which misguided them to the false belief in the divine nature of Jesus Christ. That is how they came to believe that God had revealed Himself or His eternal attribute of speech in the person of Jesus. (See John I : 1, 14). 

Desc No: 213
Here Jesus has been called "A spirit from God" and in A1-Baqarah, 11 : 253, it is stated that God supported him (Jesus) with the "Holy Spirit". In both cases, it means that Allah had bestowed upon the Prophet Jesus a Holy Spirit that .was imbued with high moral values and was a perfection of truth and righteousnes without any tinge of evil. The Christians were taught this very thing, but they exaggerated the notion: they took "a spirit from God" for "the Spirit of God" and perverted the meaning of the Holy Ghost into "the Spirit of God Himself" which had entered into Jesus Christ. Thus, a third god, "the Holy Ghost", was created along with God and Christ. This was their second transgression which led the Christians astray.
The perversion of "a spirit from God" into "the Spirit of God" (Holy Ghost) has been made inspite of the fact that according to the Gospel of Matthew, "The angel of the Lord appeared unto him (Joseph) in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary, thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost," and not the Holy Ghost (1 : 20). 

Desc No: 214
That is, "As Jesus is only a spirit from God and has no part of Godhead in him, do not go beyond the bounds but believe in Allah as One God and accept all His Messengers including the Messiah." This was what the Prophet Jesus himself really taught and this is the truth which a true Christian should believe.  

Desc No: 215
The Christians have been rebuked for their wrong belief in the doctrine of the Trinity and advised to refrain from transgression. Strange though it may appear, the fact is that the Christians believe both in the Oneness of God and in the Trinity at one and the same time; for no Christian can deny that according to the clear sayings of Jesus in the Gospels, God is One Being and there is no other god than He. They cannot but admit that Unity of God is the real basis of religion. But the introduction of the doctrine of the Logos at an early stage of Christianity misled them into believing in the Godhead of Christ in union with God and the Holy Ghost. Since then it has always remained an enigma for them to reconcile these two contradictory doctrines and for the last eighteen hundred years or so the Christian scholars have been vainly engaged in solving this self-created baffling puzzle. Not only this, many Christian denominations have been founded upon different interpretations of this doctrine and it has given rise to many religious disputes in which one denomination accuses the other of blasphemy. In short, their scholars and interpreters have been spending all their efforts and energies in solving this enigma which was neither created by God nor by Christ. It is also obvious that there is no solution to it, because no one can prove that three persons share Godhead and also that God is One Being and has no partners in His Godhead. As this enigma is the result of their own transgression beyond the Divine limits, it can only be solved if they refrain from going beyond the limits and give up the belief of the Godhead of the Messiah and of the Holy Ghost, and acknowledge Allah as the sole object of worship, adoration and devotion and believe in the Messiah as a Messenger of God and not as a partner in the Godhead of Allah. 

Desc No: 216
This refutes the fourth transgression of the Christians who believed that Christ was the Son of God. In this belief they had gone beyond the limits of their own religion. According to the first three Books of The New Testament (even if the traditions therein be accepted as authentic), the Prophet Jesus merely likened the relationship between Man and Allah to the relationship between father and son, and used the word father for God metaphorically, just as it was in vogue among the Israelites. There are many instances of this in the Old Testament the Prophet Jesus also used the word "father" in the sense it was used by his people. He called God not only his father but the father of all human beings. But, the Christians again went beyond the limits and declared Jesus to be the only Son of God. They based this strange belief on the assumption that Messiah was the manifestation of God and the incarnation of His Word and His Holy Ghost. They also transgressed in believing that God had sent His only Son to the earth so that he might take the burden of the sins of mankind on his own shoulders and go to his crucifixion and atone for the sins of Man with his own blood. Obviously, this belief is the creation of their own imagination, for there is no saying of Christ to support this.
Here, Allah has not refuted the doctrine of the "Atonement" because it is not a fundamental article of the Christian religion, but is a mere bye-product of (a) the belief that Christ is the Son of God and (b) a philosophical and mystical explanation of the objection that if Christ was the Son of God, why did he die a cursed death of crucifixion? It is thus obvious that this doctrine is refuted automatically, if it is shown that Christ was not the Son of God and that he did not die on the cross.  

Desc No: 217
As all things in the heavens and the earth belong to Allah, none of them has any such relation with Him as of father and son, but only that of Master and slave. 

Desc No: 218
Allah suffices for the management of His Kingdom and does not stand in need of the help of a son for this purpose.  "

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