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8.56. mit denen du eine Verpflichtung eingegangen bist, die aber dann ihre Verpflichtung jedesmal brechen und nicht gottesfürchtig sind.

[ alAnfal:56 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 269

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

16.16. WaAAalamatin wabialnnadschmihum yahtaduuna

16.16. And landmarks (too), and by the star they find a way. (Pickthall)

16.16. Und Wegzeichen, und durch die Sterne sind sie rechtgeleitet. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

16.16. und als (Weg)zeichen. Und mit Hilfe der Sterne werden sie geleitet. (Bubenheim)

16.16. und Wegweiser und Sterne, durch die sie sich orientieren. (Azhar)

16.16. Ebenso (setzte ER) Merkmale. Und mit dem Stern finden sie Rechtleitung. 1 (Zaidan)

16.16. Und Wegzeichen (hat er euch gemacht). Und mit Hilfe der Sterne (an-nadschm) finden sie sich (bei Nacht zu Wasser und zu Land) zurecht. (Paret)

16.16. und (Er hat) Wegzeichen (geschaffen); und durch die Gestirne finden sie die Richtung. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 15 bis 16

He has driven mountains firmly into the earth lest it should turn away from its usual course along with you: ( 12 ) He has caused rivers to flow and made natural ways ( 13 ) so that you may be directed aright. He has placed landmarks ( 14 ) to direct people, and by stars, too, they are directed aright. ( 15 )

Desc No: 12
This shows that the real function of mountains is to regulate the motion and speed of the Earth. We have come to this conclusion, for the Qur'an has made this benefit of mountains very prominent in many places. Therefore, their other benefits should be regarded as incidental. 

Desc No: 13
Natural ways are those routes which are formed along the banks of streams, ravines and rivers. Though the importance of these ways is great even in the plains, one feels their sore need, especially in the mountainous regions. 

Desc No: 14
This is a Sign of Allah that He has broken the monotony of land by placing conspicuous landmarks on it to distinguish different regions from one another. These have many benefits and one of these is to help guide travellers and navigators to their destinations. One also realizes the importance and value of these landmarks, when one is travelling through a sandy desert where there are hardly any objects to guide on the way, and one is liable to lose the way any time. One feels the lack of landmarks much more in the sea voyage. It is in the deserts and the seas that people realize the true significance of " stars, too, they arc directed aright to their destinations."
This verse contains arguments for Tauhid. Providence, and Compassion of Allah, and also a proof of Prophethood. For the mind is instinctively turned towards this question: Can it be possible that Allah who has made so elaborate arrangements for man's guidance to fulfil his physical needs has neglected to provide for his moral and spiritual needs?" It cannot be so, for it is obvious that even the greatest loss of some physical necessity due to the adoption of a wrong way is nothing as compared with the loss of spiritual and moral values due to deviation froth the Right Way. It would be nothing less than having doubt in Allah's Compassion and Providence to think that He, Who had made so elaborate provision for man's guidance on land and sea by creating mountains, rivers, stars and other objects, would have neglected to make provision for his moral and spiritual guidance; any, it stands to reason, that He must have provided prominent beacons of light to guide Man to that Right Way of life which is indispensable to his true success. 

Desc No: 15
In vv. 4-16, some Signs have been mentioned in succession in order to focus people's attention on the Creation of man himself and of the Earth and the. heavens. They will thus find that everything supports the truth of the doctrines taught by the Holy Prophet. A critical study of all these Signs shows that these must have been designed and created by an All-Wise Being, and One Being alone, and there could not have been any partner or associate to help Him. Let us consider this theme from the point of view of Man, the central figure in the Creation. This wonderful being who is able to speak with his tongue and is capable of arguing his case with it, has been created from an insignificant sperm - drop. Then many animals have been created to satisfy the necessities of his life. They provide food, clothing and conveyance for him and help satisfy his aesthetic taste as well. Then there is a remarkable system of rain water from the sky to produce corn crops, fruits and verdure, etc., on the earth to fulfil man's needs. Then there is the creation of regular days and nights and seasons, which are closely connected with all kinds of production of the earth, and also with Man's general well being. Then there are oceans, which help fulfil many of his physical and aesthetic demands and provide water ways for traffic. Likewise mountains have been created to provide man with many benefits. Then there are landmarks on the earth and stars in the heavens to guide travellers and navigators to the destinations. In short, there are inumerable Signs in the Earth and the heavens which are closely interconnected and are also indispensable to man's welfare, nay, to his very existence. All these arc clear proofs that only One Being has designed the whole universe and created it in accordance with that design. It is He Who is all the time creating new things to fit in that scheme, and working this wonderful universe that spreads from the Earth to boundless heavens. Who can then claim, except a foolish or obdurate person, that all this has come into existence by a mere accident? Or, who can say that these different aspects, which are working under a perfect system and are intimately connected with one another and are wellbalanced, have been created by different gods and are under the control of different guardians? 

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