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20.129. Wenn es nicht ein schon früher ergangenes Wort von deinem Herrn und eine festgesetzte Frist gäbe, wäre (die sofortige Strafe) fürwahr unabwendbar.

[ Ta Ha:129 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 304

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

18.108. Khalidiina fiiha layabghuuna AAanha hiwalan

18.108. Wherein they will abide, with no desire to be removed from thence. (Pickthall)

18.108. Ewig sind sie dort, sie wollen nicht anderswo sein. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

18.108. ewig darin zu bleiben, und sie werden nicht begehren, davon wegzugehen´. (Bubenheim)

18.108. Dort werden sie ewig bleiben und wünschen, nicht daraus fortzugehen. (Azhar)

18.108. Darin werden sie ewig bleiben, und sich daraus keinen Umzug wünschen. (Zaidan)

18.108. Sie werden (ewig) darin weilen, ohne den Wunsch zu haben (jemals wieder) daraus wegzugehen. (Paret)

18.108. in dem sie auf ewig verweilen werden; von dort werden sie nicht weggehen wollen. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 103 bis 108

O Muhammad, say to them, "Should We tell you who are the most unsuccessful people and miserable failures in regard to their deeds? They are those, whose endeavours, in the worldly life, had all gone astray from the Right Way ( 76 ) but all along they were under the delusion that everything they were doing, was rightly directed: those are the people who rejected the Signs of their Lord and did not believe that they would ever go before Him. Therefore all their deeds were lost, for We will assign no weight to them on the Day of Resurrection. ( 77 ) Their recompense is Hell for the disbelief they showed and for the mockery they adopted in regard to My Signs and My Messengers. However, for the hospitality of those people who did righteous deeds, there will be gardens of Paradise wherein they will abide for ever and they will never desire to go anywhere out of them ( 78 ) .

Desc No: 76
This verse has two meanings. The one is the same that we have adopted in the translation. The other meaning is this: "...those who confined all their endeavours to the worldly life". That is, whatever they did, they did for this world without paying any regard to God and the Hereafter. As they considered the worldly life to be the real life, they made the success and prosperity in this world their sole aim and object. Even if they professed the existence of Allah, they never paid any heed to the two implications of this profession: to lead their lives in a way to please Allah and to come out successful on the Day they shall have to render an account of what they did in this world. This was because they considered themselves to be mere rational animals who were absolutely independent and free from every kind of responsibility and had nothing else to do but to enjoy the good things of the world like animals in a meadow.  

Desc No: 77
"All their deeds were lost" in the sense that they will be of no avail to them in the life-after-death, even though they might have considered them as their great achievements but the fact is that they will lose all their value as soon as the world shall come to an end. When they will go before their Lord, and all their deeds shall be placed in the Scales, they will have no weight at all whether they had built great palaces, established great universities and libraries, set up great factories and laboratories, constructed highways and railways, in short, all their inventions, industries, sciences and arts and other things of which they were very proud in this world, will lose their weights in the Scales. The only thing which will have weight there will be that which had been done in accordance with the Divine instructions and with the intention to please Allah. It is, therefore, obvious that if all of one's endeavours were confined to the worldly things and the achievement of worldly desires whose results one would see in this world, one should not reasonably expect to see their results in the Hereafter, for they would have gone waste with the end of this world. It is equally obvious, that only the deeds of the one, who performed them strictly in accordance with His instructions to win His approval with a view to avail of their results in the Hereafter, will find that his deeds had weight in the Scales. On the contrary, such a one will find that all his endeavours in the world had gone waste. 

Desc No: 78
"...they will never desire to go anywhere (else)," because they will find no place and no condition better than those in Paradise.  

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