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29.64. Dieses irdische Leben ist nur Zerstreuung und Spiel. Die jenseitige Wohnstätte aber ist wahrlich das eigentliche Leben, wenn sie (es) nur wüßten!

[ al'Ankabut:64 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 407

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

30.32. Mina alladhiina farraquu diinahum wakanuuschiyaAAan kullu hizbin bima ladayhim farihuuna

30.32. Of those who split up their religion and became schismatics, each sect exulting in its tenets. (Pickthall)

30.32. Von denjenigen, die ihre Religion spalten und zu Gefolgschaften werden, -jede Gruppierung erfreut sich über das, was bei ihr ist. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

30.32. zu denjenigen, die ihre Religion spalteten und zu Lagern geworden sind, wobei jede Gruppierung froh ist über das, was sie bei sich hat. (Bubenheim)

30.32. unter diejenigen, die ihre Religion durch Streitigkeiten in Sekten zersplittern! Jede Sekte hält ihre Meinung für die richtige. (Azhar)

30.32. von denjenigen, die ihren Din spalteten und zu Parteien wurden. Jede Partei ist über das, worüber sie verfügt, äußerst erfreut. (Zaidan)

30.32. (Leute) die ihre Religion (in verschiedene Gruppen) aufgeteilt haben und zu Parteien geworden sind, wobei jede Gruppe sich (nunmehr in kurzsichtiger Weise) über das freut, was sie (als eigene Lehrmeinung) bei sich hat! (Paret)

30.32. Von denen, die ihren Glauben gespalten haben und zu Parteien geworden sind - jede Partei freut sich über das, was sie selbst hat. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 30 bis 32

So, ( 42 ) (O Prophet and the followers of the Prophet,) set your face sincerely and truly ( 43 ) towards this Faith ( 44 ) and be steadfast on the Nature whereupon Allah has created mankind. ( 45 ) There can be no alteration in the Nature made by Allah. ( 46 ) This is the right and true Faith, ( 47 ) but most people do not know. (Be steadfast on this) turning wholly towards Allah, ( 48 ) and fear Him, ( 49 ) and establish the Salat, ( 50 ) and do not be of the mushriks who have set up their separate creeds and divided themselves into sects, each sect rejoicing in what it has. ( 51 )

Desc No: 42
This "so" implies that when the reality has become clear to you, and you have come to know that none but Allah is the Creator and Master and Sovereign of this universe and of man himself, then inevitably your conduct should be such as indicated in this verse. 

Desc No: 43
"Set your face. .truly": "Do not turn your face to any other direction after you have .adopted this way of life. ' Then you should think like a Muslim and your likes and dislikes should be of a Muslim. Your values and standards should be the ones set by Islam and your character and conduct should bear the stamp of lslam, and the affairs of your individual and collective life should be ordered according to the way taught by Islam."  

Desc No: 44
"This Faith": the Faith that the Qur'an presents, in which none but Allah is worthy of worship and obedience, in which none can be held as an associate of Allah in His Divinity, in His attributes and His powers and rights, in which man by his own free will chooses to order his life in accordance with the Guidance and Law of Allah.  

Desc No: 45
That is, "All human beings have been created on the nature that none but One Allah is their Creator and Lord and Deity. You should be steadfast on this nature. If you adopt the attitude of independence, you will be following a way opposed to your nature, and if you serve and worship another besides Allah, then also you will be working against your nature."
This subject has been explained by the Holy Prophet in a number of Ahadith, According to Bukhari and Muslim,the Holy Prophet said: "Every child who is born, is born on we human nature; it is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Magian, etc. afterwards. Its example is of an animal which gives birth to complete and sound young ones - none is born with torn and cut off ears-but the mushriks tear their ears afterwards on account of their superstitions of ignorance."
According to another Hadith reported in Musnad Ahmad and Nasa'i, the Muslims in a war killed even the children of the enemy. When the Holy Prophet came to know of it, he became very angry, and said: "What has happened to the people that they have transgressed the limits and killed even the children?" A man said, "Sir, were they not the children of the Mushriks?" The Holy Prophet replied: "Even the best of your people are the children of the mushriks!"Then he said: "Every living being is born on we nature: then when he becomes able to speak, his parents turn him into a Jew or a Christian."
In another Hadith which has been reported by lmam Ahmad on the authority of 'Ayad bin Himar-ul-Mujashi'i, it has been related that one day the Holy Prophet said during an address: "My Lord says: I had created all My servants on true Faith; then the satans came and led them astray from their Faith, and made unlawful what I had made lawful for them, and commanded them to associate with Me those for whom I have seat down no authority'."  

Desc No: 46
That is, "God has made man His servant and created him only for his own service. This natural disposition of man cannot be altered, howe ver hard one may try. Neither can man effect a change in his position of a servant, nor can anything other than God become his God in the real sense. Man may make for himself as many gods as he may please, but the fact remains that he is the servant of none but One God alone. Man by his own folly and ignorance may regard anyone as holder of Divine attributes and powers and take any one as the maker and un-maker of his destiny, but the fact of the matter is that neither does anyone other than Allah possess Divine attributes nor His authority, nor has anyone else the power to make or mat the destiny of man."
Another translation of this verse can be: "Do not effect any alteration in the Nature trade by Allah." That is, it is not right to corrupt and spoil the Nature on which Allah has created man.  

Desc No: 47
"Right and true Faith": To remain steadfast on one's true Nature.  

Desc No: 48
That is, "Whoever has adopted an attitude of independence and freedom and turned away from his we Lord, and whoever has adopted service of another than Allah and proved to be disloyal to his real and we Lord, should desist from this, and return to the service of the One God. Whose real servant he is by birth." 

Desc No: 49
That is, "You should have the fear that if in spite of being a servant of Allah by birth, you adopted the way of living independently of Him, or served another beside Him, you will have to suffer a severe punishment for rebellion and ingratitude. Therefore, you should avoid every such way of life which earns you the wrath of God." 

Desc No: 50
Both turning to Allah and having fear of His wrath are the acts of the heart. This state of the heart, for its manifestation and stability, inevitably needs a physical act, which thay make it known to others in society that so-and-so has really returned to the service of One Allah alone, and which, at the same time, may go on nourishing and developing the state of piety and devotion in one's own self al :o by means of practical experience and discipline. That i why immediately after giving the Command for a mental change Allah has given the Command for this physical act, i,e. establishment of the Salat. As long as an idea is only an idea in the mind of man, it can neither be stable nor enduring. It may fade away or even change. But when he starts practising it, the idea takes root in him and goes on increasing in stability and strength with more and more practice; so much so that when it has become a belief it can neither change nor fade away easily. Considered from this viewpoint, no act can be more effective than the offering of the Prayer regularly five times a day for strengthening piety and fear of God in oneself. The other act, whatever it be, is carried out at intervals, or in different forms on different occasions, but the Prayer is an act, which is performed every few hours in one and the same specific form permanently, in which man has to rehearse over and over again the whole lesson taught him by the Qur'an about Islam, so that he dces not forget it. Furthermore, both the believers and the disbelievers have to know who among the people has given up the way of rebellion and adopted the way of obedience to the Lord. The believers have to know this so that they can form into a community and society and can cooperate with one another in the way of Allah; then as soon as the relationship of any one of them starts showing signs of laxity with respect to the Faith and Islam, this should become known to all of them at once. The disbelievers have to know this so that the dorment nature in them wakens up when they see the people from their own kith and kin turning humbly to their real God over and over again, and till their nature wakes up they continue to be awe-stricken when they see the practical enthusiasm of the obedient servants of God. For these two objectives also the establishment of the Prayer is the most effective means.
Here, it should be noted that the Command for the establishment of the Prayer was given at Makkah at a time when a handful of the Muslims were being severely persecuted by the disbelieving Quraish, and went on being persecuted for another nine years after this. At that time there was 'no sign of the lslamic government yet in sight. If the offering of the Prayer was meaningless without the Islamic government, as some ignorant people think, or if the establishment of the Salat did not mean the offering of the Prayer at all but the establishment of Nizami-Rububiyat (order of Providence), as the deniers of Hadith claim, the Qur'anic injunction at that stage would have been meaningless. The question is: How did the Holy Prophet and the Muslims carry out this Command for nine years after it had been enjoined ?  

Desc No: 51
This is an allusion to the fact that the real way of life for mankind is the same Way of Nature as elucidated above. This way of life has not evolved from a polytheistic crced to Tauhid as thought by those who invent a philosophy of religion on the basis of speculation. But, contrary to this, all the religions found in the world today have appeared because of the corruption of the original Way of life. This corruption occurred because different people added their different self-made creeds to the natural realities and created separate sects and every-one became a devotee of the additional thing, which was the basis of the separate sect, and gave up the original Way of life. Now the only way of attaining true guidance is that one should return to the original Reality which was the basis of the true Faith, and rid oneself of all the later additions and excrescences and their devotees. If he still keeps any kind of contact with them, he will only be harming the true Faith.   "

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