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5.40. Weißt du nicht, daß Allah die Herrschaft über die Himmel und die Erde gehört? Er straft, wen Er will, und vergibt, wem Er will. Und Allah hat zu allem die Macht.

[ alMa'ida:40 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 414

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

31.33. Ya ayyuha alnnasuittaquu rabbakum waikhschaw yawman la yadschzii walidunAAan waladihi wala mawluudun huwa dschazin AAan walidihischay-an inna waAAda Allahi haqqun falataghurrannakumu alhayatu alddunya walayaghurrannakum biAllahi algharuuru

31.33. O mankind! Keep your duty to your Lord and fear a Day when the parent will not be able to avail the child in aught, nor the child to avail the parent. Lo! Allah ' s promise is the very truth. Let not the life of the world beguile you, nor let the deceiver beguile you, in regard to Allah. (Pickthall)

31.33. Ihr, die Menschen, fürchtet euren Herrn und habt Furcht vor einem Tag, an dem kein Vater für sein Kind etwas vergilt und kein Kind ein Vergeltender für seinen Vater ist, das Versprechen Allahs ist ja wahr, also darf keinesfalls das Leben dieser Welt euch verblenden, und es darf keinesfalls der Verblender euch über Allah verblenden. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

31.33. O ihr Menschen, fürchtet euren Herrn und habt Angst vor einem Tag, an dem weder ein Vater etwas für sein Kind begleichen kann, noch ein Kind für seinen Vater etwas wird begleichen können. Gewiß, Allahs Versprechen ist wahr. So soll euch das diesseitige Leben nicht täuschen, und nicht täuschen soll euch hinsichtlich Allahs der Täuscher. (Bubenheim)

31.33. O ihr Menschen! Seid fromm Gott gegenüber und fürchtet den Tag, an dem ein Vater von seinem Kind und ein Kind von seinem Vater nichts übernehmen kann! Gottes Verheißung ist wahr. Das irdische Leben soll euch nicht verleiten, und der Verführer soll euch von Gott nicht abbringen. (Azhar)

31.33. Ihr Menschen! Handelt Taqwa gemäß eurem HERRN gegenüber, und habt Ehrfurcht vor einem Tag, an dem weder ein Gebärendes seinem Geborenen nützt, noch ein Geborenes seinem Gebärenden etwas nützen wird. Gewiß, ALLAHs Androhung ist wahr. So lasst das dießeitige Leben euch nicht täuschen, und lasst keineswegs das Täuschende euch in ALLAH täuschen! (Zaidan)

31.33. Ihr Menschen! Fürchtet euren Herrn und macht euch auf einen Tag gefaßt, an dem kein Vater etwas anstelle seines Sohnes und kein Sprößling etwas anstelle seines Vaters übernehmen kann! Das Versprechen Allahs ist wahr. Darum laßt euch ja nicht durch das diesseitige Leben betören, und laßt euch ja nicht durch den Betörer hinsichtlich Allahs betören! (Paret)

31.33. O ihr Menschen, fürchtet euren Herrn und fürchtet den Tag, an dem kein Vater etwas für seinen Sohn tun kann und kein Sprößling im geringsten etwas für seinen Vater tun kann. Wahrlich, Allahs Verheißung ist wahr. Darum soll das Leben dieser Welt euch nicht verführen, noch sollt ihr euch über Allah mit (eurem) Denken selbst täuschen. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 33 bis 33

O people ! Avoid the wrath of your Lord and fear the Day when no father shall avail anything for his son, nor shall any son avail anything for his fathers ( 59 ) Allah' promise is surely true. ( 60 ) So let not this world' life deceive you, ( 61 ) nor let the deceiver deceive you concerning Allah. ( 62 )

Desc No: 59
That is, "The relationship of a person with his friend, or his leader, or his spiritual guide, etc. is not so close and intimate as the relationship that exists between the children and their parents. But on the Day of Resurrection even the son and the father will not be able to help each other. The father will not have the courage to come forward and say that he may be seized instead of the son for his sins, nor will the son have the nerve to say that he may be sent to Hell instead of the father. How can then a person expect that one will be able to avail something for the other there? Therefore, foolish is the person who spoils his Hereafter in the world for the sake of another, or adopts the way of sin and deviation by dependence on others. Here, one should keep in view the theme of verse 15, in which the children have been admonished not to accept deviation in the matter of the faith and religion on behest of the parents, though in affairs of mundane life they are duty bound to serve them as best as they can. " 

Desc No: 60
"Allah's promise" : the promise of Resurrection, when the Court of Allah will be established and everyone will be called to render an account of his deeds. 

Desc No: 61
The life of the world involves the people, who only see the superficial, in different kinds of misunderstandings. Someone thinks that life and death only belong to this world, and there is no life hereafter; therefore, whatever one has to do, one should do it here and now. Another one who is lost in his wealth and power and prosperity, forgets his death and gets involved in the foolish idea that his grandees and his power are everlasting. Another one overlooking the moral and spiritual objectives regards the material gains and pleasures in themselves as the only objectives and dces not give anything any importance but the "standard of living", no matter whether his standard of humanity gas on falling lower and lower as a result thereof. Someone thinks that worldly prosperity is the real criterion of truth and falsehood: every way of life that ensures this is the truth and everything contradictory to it is falsehood. Someone regards this very prosperity as a sign of being Allah's favourite, and assumes the law that whoever is leading a prosperous life here is Allah's beloved no matter by what means he might have achieved this prosperity, and whoever is leading a miserable life in the world, even if it be so due to his love of the truth and his uprightness, will live a miserable life in the Hereafter, too. These and other such misunderstandings have been called "deceptions of the worldly life" by Allah. 

Desc No: 62
Al-gharur (the deceiver) may be Satan or a man or a group of then, or even man's own self, or something else. The reason for using this comprehensive and meaningful word in its absolute form without identifying a particular person or thing, is that for different people there are different means that cause them deception. Any particular means or cause that deceived a person to be misled and misguided from the right way to the wrong way, will be al-gharur in his particular Case.
"To deceive (someone) concerning Allah" are also comprehensive words, which include countless kinds of deceptions. "The deceiver" deceives one man with the idea that there is no God at all, and another man with the idea that God after making the world has handed over its control and administration to the men and is no more concerned with it; he misleads another one, saying, "There arc some favourite ones of God: if you attain nearness to them, you will surely win your forgiveness whatever you may do, or may have done, in the world; " he deceives another one, saying, "God is AII-Forgiving and All-Merciful: you may go on committing sins freely, and He will go on forgiving each sin of yours. " He gives another person the idea of determinism and misguides him, saying, "Everything that you do is pre-ordained: if you commit evil, it is God Who makes you commit it: if you avoid goodness, it is God Who makes you avoid it." Thus, there are countless kinds of such deceptions with which tnan is being deceived concerning God. When analyzed it comes to light that the basic cause of all errors and sins and crimes is that man has been deceived concerning God in one way or the other, and that is how he has been misled to some ideological deviation or moral error. " 

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