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18.102. Meinen denn diejenigen, die ungläubig sind, daß sie sich Meine Diener anstatt Meiner zu Schutzherren nehmen (können)? Gewiß, Wir haben die Hölle den Ungläubigen zur gastlichen Aufnahme bereitet.

[ alKahf:102 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 439

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

35.41. Inna Allaha yumsiku alssamawatiwaal-arda an tazuula wala-in zalatain amsakahuma min ahadin min baAAdihi innahu kanahaliiman ghafuuran

35.41. Lo! Allah graspeth the heavens and the earth that they deviate not, and if they were to deviate there is not one that could grasp them after Him. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving. (Pickthall)

35.41. Allah hält ja die Himmel und die Erde, daß sie nicht weichen, und bestimmt, wenn sie beide weichen würden, es gibt keinen nach Ihm, der sie beide hält, Er ist ja immer milde, verzeihend. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

35.41. Allah hält die Himmel und die Erde, daß sie nicht vergehen. Und wenn sie vergehen würden, so könnte niemand nach Ihm sie halten. Gewiß, Er ist Nachsichtig und Allvergebend. (Bubenheim)

35.41. Gott ist es, Der die Himmel und die Erde erhält, damit sie nicht zugrundegehen. Sollten sie zugrundegehen, würde niemand sie nach Ihm erhalten können. Gottes Langmut und Vergebung sind unendlich. (Azhar)

35.41. Gewiß, ALLAH lässt die Himmel und die Erde festhalten, dass beide nicht vergehen. Und wenn beide vergangen sind, wird keiner nach Ihm sie festhalten können. Gewiß, ER ist immer allnachsichtig, allvergebend. (Zaidan)

35.41. Allah hält Himmel und Erde fest, so daß sie (nicht von der Stelle) weichen. Und wenn sie (von der Stelle) weichen würden, gäbe es keinen, der sie daraufhin (wieder) festhalten würde. Er ist mild und bereit zu vergeben. (Paret)

35.41. Wahrlich, Allah hält die Himmel und die Erde, damit sie nicht weichen. Und würden sie weichen, so gäbe es keinen außer Ihm, der sie halten könnte. Wahrlich, Er ist Nachsichtig, Allverzeihend. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 40 bis 41

(O Prophet,) say to them, "Have you ever seen those associates of yours ( 66 ) whom you invoke instead of Allah ? Tell me: What have they created in the earth, or what is their share in the heavens?" (If they cannot tell this, ask them :) "Have We given them a writing affording a clear sanction (for their shirk)?" ( 67 ) Nay, but these wicked people are only beguiling one another with delusions. ( 68 ) The fact is that it is Allah alone Who is sustaining the heavens and the earth from falling into oblivion and if they fall into the abyss there is none to sustain them after Allah. ( 69 ) Indeed, Allah is Forbearing and All-Forgiving. ( 70 )

Desc No: 66
"Associates of yours", because they are not in fact the associates of Allah, but the ones whom the polytheists themselves have made associates of Allah. 

Desc No: 67
That is, "Do they possess a written sanction from Us in which We might have indicated that We have given such and such persons the powers to heal the sick, or to get jobs for the jobless, or to fulfil needs of the needy, or that We have made such and such beings Our representatives in such and such parts of the earth and now it is in their hands to make or mar the destinies of the people of those parts; therefore, Our servants now should pray to them and present gifts and offerings before them, and for whatever blessings they receive they should thank those "demigods" only? If you possess any such sanction, produce it. And if you have no such sanction, you should consider on what grounds you have invented these polytheistic creeds and practices. When you are asked as to what sign is there in the heavens and the earth that may point to your self invented gods as being God's associates, you cannot point out any. When you arc asked to product any Divine sanction from any Book of Allah, or from your own possession, or from the possession of your self-invented gods, which may testify to God s having Himself delegated to them those powers which you assign to them, you do not produce any. What then is the basis of your these creeds and concepts? Are you the owners of the Divine rights and powers that you may assign and distribute them to whomsoever you please?" 

Desc No: 68
That is, "These religious guides, saints, priests, sorcerers, preachers and attendants of shrines and their agents are befooling the people for selfish motives, and are concocting stories to give them false hopes that if they became the followers of such and such personalities, apart from God, they would have all their wishes and needs fulfilled in the world, and all their sins, no matter-how grave and numerous, forgiven by Allah in the Hereafter." 

Desc No: 69
That is, "This limitless universe is being sustained by Allah alone. No angel, or jinn, or prophet, or saint can sustain it. Not to speak of sustaining the universe these helpless creatures do not even have the power to Sustain their own selves. Each one of them is entirely dependent on Allah Almighty for his birth and survival every moment. To think that any one of them has any share in the attributes and powers of Divinity is sheer folly and deception. " 

Desc No: 70
That is, "It is Allah's Clemency and Forbearance that He is not seizing the culprits immediately in punishment in spite of All kinds of disobedience which are being shown towards Him " 

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