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5.96. Erlaubt sind euch die Jagdtiere des Meeres und (all) das Eßbare aus ihm als Nießbrauch für euch und für die Reisenden; doch verboten ist euch die Jagd auf die Landtiere, solange ihr im Zustand der Pilgerweihe seid. Und fürchtet Allah, zu Dem ihr versammelt werdet.

[ alMa'ida:96 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 482

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

41.48. Wadalla AAanhum ma kanuuyadAAuuna min qablu wadhannuu ma lahum minmahiisin

41.48. And those to whom they used to cry of old have failed them, and they perceive they have no place of refuge. (Pickthall)

41.48. Und es geht von ihnen das ab, zu dem sie vorher immer gerufen haben, und sie meinen, daß es für sie kein Entfliehen gibt. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

41.48. Und entschwunden wird ihnen sein, was sie zuvor anzurufen pflegten, und sie werden überzeugt sein, daß es für sie kein Entrinnen gibt. (Bubenheim)

41.48. Ihnen war entfallen, was sie damals angebetet hatten, und sie waren davon überzeugt, dass sie keinen Ausweg hätten. (Azhar)

41.48. Und ihnen ist abhanden gegangen, woran sie vorher Bittgebete zu richten pflegten. Und sie glaubten, dass es für sie kein Entrinnen mehr gibt. (Zaidan)

41.48. Und ihnen ist entschwunden (und zu nichts geworden), wozu sie früher gebetet hatten. Und sie machen sich darauf gefaßt, daß es für sie kein Entrinnen gibt. (Paret)

41.48. Und alles, was sie zuvor anzurufen pflegten, wird sie im Stich lassen, und sie werden einsehen, daß sie keine Zuflucht haben. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 47 bis 48

To Allah is remitted ( 60 ) the knowledge of the Hour: ( 61 ) He alone knows all the fruits that come out from their sheaths: He alone knows which female has conceived and which has given birth. ( 62 ) Then on the Day when He will call out to the people, asking, "Where are those associates of Mine"? they will say, "We have submitted: there is none of us to bear witness to that". ( 63 ) At that time, all those gods whom they used to invoke before this, shall be lost to them, ( 64 ) and they will realize that they have no refuge.

Desc No: 60
That is, "None but Allah knows when the Hour would occur. " This is the answer to the disbelievers' question as to when the threat being given them of meeting with the consequences of their evil deeds will be carried out. Allah has answered their question without citing it. 

Desc No: 61
"The Hour": the Hour of Resurrection, i.e. the Hour when the evildoers will be punished for their evil and the grievances of the oppressed good people will be redressed. 

Desc No: 62
By this the listeners have been made to realize two things: (1) That not only of Resurrection but the knowledge of all unseen things is reserved for Allah alone; there is no other knower of the unseen; and (2) that God Who possesses the detailed knowledge of the most minor things cannot remain unaware of the acts and deeds of anybody. Therefore, no one in His Kingdom should act fearlessly, with impunity. Only according to this second meaning the sentence becomes relevant to what follows. If one studies the following sentences the theme that immediately becomes obvious is: "Don't concern your selves about finding our the date of the coming of Resurrection; you should, however, be anxious about the consequences of your deviations you will have to bear when it comes. "This same thing had the Holy Prophet once said to a person, who asked him the date of the coming of Resurrection. All the major collections of Hadith contain a commonly reported Tradition to the effect: "Once when the Holy Prophet was on a journey, a man on the way shouted his name from a distance. The Holy Prophet asked what he wanted to say. He said: When will Resurrection come? The Holy Prophet replied: It must come in any case! What preparations have you made for it?" 

Desc No: 63
That is, "Now we have realized that what we had in our minds was absolutely wrong. Now none among us is of the view that there is another one also who is Your associate in Godhead." The words "we have submitted" show that on the Day of Resurrection the disbelievers will be asked again and again, on every occasion, "In the world you went on refusing to believe what the Messengers of God said: now say who was in the right: they or you? And the disbelievers will every time confess that the truth indeed was that which the Messengers preached and they themselves were in the wrong because they forsook the knowledge and persisted in their own ignorance. 

Desc No: 64
That is, "In their utter hopelessness they will look around to see if they could find any one of those whom they used to serve and worship in the world, who could come to their rescue and save them from God's torment, or at least have their punishment reduced, but they will find no helper on any side." 

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