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81.17. und bei der Nacht, wenn sie anbricht,

[ atTakwir:17 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 491

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

43.25. Faintaqamna minhum faondhurkayfa kana AAaqibatu almukadhdhibiina

43.25. So We requited them. Then see the nature of the consequence for the rejecters! (Pickthall)

43.25. Also haben Wir Strafvergeltung geübt an ihnen, und sieh, wie das endgültige Ende der Ableugnenden war! (Ahmad v. Denffer)

43.25. Da übten Wir an ihnen Vergeltung. So schau, wie das Ende der Leugner war. (Bubenheim)

43.25. Wir bestraften sie qualvoll im Dießeits. Siehe, wie das Ende der Ungläubigen war, die die Gesandten der Lüge bezichtigten! (Azhar)

43.25. Dann übten WIR Vergeltung an ihnen. So siehe, wie das Anschließende der äußerst Lügenden war?! (Zaidan)

43.25. Und da rächten wir uns an ihnen (indem wir ein Strafgericht über sie hereinbrechen ließen). Schau nur, wie das Ende derer war, die (unsere Gesandten) für Lügner erklärt haben! (Paret)

43.25. Also vergalten Wir es ihnen. Siehe nun, wie das Ende der Leugner war! (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 20 bis 25

They say, "Had the Merciful God willed (that we should not worship them), We would never have worshipped them. " ( 20 ) They do not at all know the fact of the matter: they only conjecture. Did We give them a Book before this of which they hold an authority (for their angel-worship)? ( 21 ) Nay! but they say, "We found our forefathers on a way and we are only walking in their footsteps. " ( 22 ) Even so, whenever before you We sent a Warner to a habitation, its people of means said, "We have found our forefathers on a way and we are only following in their footsteps. " ( 23 ) Every Prophet asked them,” Will you still go on following the same old way even if I guide you to a more right way than that you found your forefathers following?" They replied, "We disbelieve the religion with which you have been sent." Consequently, . We took vengeance on them. Just consider what was the end of those who denied (the Truth) !

Desc No: 20
This was their reasoning from destiny to cover up their deviation and error, and this has been the argument of the wrong-doers in every age. They argued that their worshipping the angels became possible only because Allah allowed them to do so. Had He not willed so they could not have done it; and then it had been a practice with them for centuries and no torment from Allah had descended on them, which meant that Allah did not disapprove of their this practice. 

Desc No: 21
It means this: "These ignorant people think that whatever is happening in the world has the approval of Allah for it, because it is happening according to His will. This argument, however, is wrong. For it is not only shirk which is being committed in the world, but countless other crimes like stealing, robbery, murder, bribery, etc. also are taking place, which nobody likes. Then, can it be said by the same reasoning that all such acts are lawful and good only because Allah is letting them happen in His world, and when He allows them to happen, He must have approved of them also? The means of knowing what Allah likes and what He hates are not the events that are happening in the world, but the Book of Allah, which comes through His Messenger and in which Allah Himself states as to what beliefs, what deeds and what morals He likes and what He dislikes. If these people have a Book, which came before the Qur'an, and which tells that Allah has appointed the angels also as deities beside himself and that they should worship them also, they should cite it." (For further explanation, see Al-An'am: 107 112, 137, 148-149; AI-A'raf: 28; Yunus: 99; Hud: 118-119; Ar-Ra'd: 31; An-Nahl: 9, 35-36, 93; and E.N. 20 of Az-Zumar and E.N. 11 of Ash-Shura). 

Desc No: 22
That is, "They have no authority of any divine book; the only authority they have is that it has becn the practice since the time of their forefathers: therefore, they have taken the angels as goddesses in imitation of them." 

Desc No: 23
Here, the point worth consideration is why the well-to-do people of every community only have resisted the Prophets and upheld the imitation of their forefathers in every age. Why have they alone been in the forefront to oppose the Truth and to endeavor to maintain the established falsehood and to beguile and incite the common people against them ? Its basic causes were two: (1) The well to-do and affluent people are so absorbed in making and enjoying the world of their own that they are not inclined to bother themselves about the useless debate (as they assume it to be) between the Truth and falsehood. Their love of ease and mental lethargy renders them so heedless of religion and conservative that they want the established order, no matter whether it is based on truth or falsehood, to retrain in force so that they do not have to take the trouble of thinking about the new order at all for themselves. (2) Their interests become so dependent on the established order that when they get the first glimpse of the order presented by the Prophets they start feeling that if it came, it would not only put an end to their leadership but also would deprive them of the freedom to consume the lawful and commit the unlawful. (For further details, sec AI-An`am: 103; Al-A'raf: 66-70. 75, 88 109, 127; Hud: 27-28; Bani Isra`il : 16; AI-Mu'minun: 24-33, 46; Saba: 34 and the corresponding E.N.'s). 

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