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52.31. Sag: Wartet ab! Gewiß, ich gehöre mit euch zu denjenigen, die abwarten.

[ atTur:31 ]

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Alle Suren anzeigen | Ansicht von Surah Hud (11)  Ayah: 61


Medina-Musshaf Seite 228

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

11.61. Wa-ila thamuuda akhahum salihanqala ya qawmi oAAbuduu Allaha malakum min ilahin ghayruhu huwa anschaakum mina al-ardiwaistaAAmarakum fiiha faistaghfiruuhu thummatuubuu ilayhi inna rabbii qariibun mudschiibun

11.61. And unto (the tribe of) Thamud (We sent) their brother Salih.. He said: O my people! Serve Allah, Ye have no other God save Him. He brought you forth from the earth and hath made you husband it. So ask forgiveness of Him and turn unto Him repentant. Lo, my Lord is Nigh, Responsive. (Pickthall)

11.61. Und zu Thamud ihren Bruder Salih, er sagte: "Mein Volk, dient Allah, es gibt für euch keinen anderen Gott als Ihn. Er hat euch aus der Erde hervorgehen lassen, und Er hat euch darauf ansässig gemacht, also bittet Ihn um Verzeihung, dann kehrt reuig um zu Ihm, mein Herr ist ja nahe, erhörend." (Ahmad v. Denffer)

11.61. Und (Wir sandten) zu Tamud ihren Bruder Salih. Er sagte: "O mein Volk, dient Allah! Keinen Gott habt ihr außer Ihm. Er hat euch aus der Erde entstehen lassen und sie euch zu besiedeln gegeben. So bittet Ihn um Vergebung, hierauf bereut vor Ihm. Mein Herr ist nahe und erhört (die Gebete)." (Bubenheim)

11.61. Zu den Thamûd entsandten Wir ihren Bruder Sâlih. Er sprach: "O mein Volk! Betet Gott allein an, ihr habt außer Ihm keinen Gott! Er hat euch aus der Erde erschaffen und euch ermächtigt, darauf zu leben und sie auszunutzen. So bittet ihn um Vergebung und kehrt reumütig zu Ihm zurück! Mein Herr ist nahe, und Er erhört das Gebet." (Azhar)

11.61. Und zu Thamud (entsandten WIR) ihren Bruder Salih. Er sagte: „Meine Leute! Dient ALLAH! Ihr habt doch keine Gottheit außer Ihm. ER hat euch aus der Erde hervorgebracht und euch sie bevölkern lassen; also bittet Ihn um Vergebung, dann seid Ihm gegenüber reuig. Gewiß, mein HERR ist nahe und erhörend.“ (Zaidan)

11.61. Und zu den Thamuud (haben wir) ihren Bruder Saalih (als unseren Boten gesandt). Er sagte: "Ihr Leute! Dienet Allah! Ihr habt keinen anderen Gott als ihn. Er hat euch aus der Erde entstehen lassen und euch auf ihr die Möglichkeit zum Leben gegeben (ista`marakum). Bittet ihn nun um Vergebung und wendet euch hierauf (reumütig) wieder ihm zu! Mein Herr ist nahe und erhört (das Gebet)." (Paret)

11.61. Und zu den Thamud (entsandten Wir) ihren Bruder Salih; er sagte: "O mein Volk, dient Allah; ihr habt keinen anderen Gott außer Ihm. Er hat euch aus der Erde hervorgebracht und ließ euch darauf ansiedeln. So erfleht Seine Vergebung, dann bekehrt euch zu Ihm. Wahrlich, mein Herr ist nahe (und) erhört die Gebete." (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 61 bis 61

And to Thamud We sent their brother Salih. ( 66 ) He said "O my people! worship Allah: you have no other Deity than He. It is He Who has created you from the earth and made it a living place for you. ( 67 ) So ask His forgiveness ( 68 ) and turn to Him in repentance. Most surely my Lord is near at hand and answers prayers. ( 69 )

Desc No: 66
Please keep in view E.N.'s 57-62 of Al-A'Aaraf. 

Desc No: 67
This is the proof of the claim: " .... you have no other Deity than Allah" .The argument is based on the fact which the mushriks themselves acknowledged that it is Allah Who is their Creator. Therefore Prophet Salih argued like this: "You yourselves acknowledge that it is Allah Who has created your wonderful human body out of the life-less particles of the earth and that it is Allah Who has made the earth a suitable place for you to live. How can then there be any Deity other than Allah Who may be worthy of Godhead, service and worship?" 

Desc No: 68
That is, "So ask His forgiveness for the sin you have been committing by worshipping others." 

Desc No: 69
In this concise sentence, the Qur'an has refuted a grave misunderstanding of the mushriks, which has in every age misled people into wrong creeds. They presumed that Allah lived far away from them and, therefore, was unapproachable like their own rulers on the earth. As the only way of approach to them was an intercessor who alone could receive and present their requests and applications to their rulers, and convey their answers to them, they presumed that there should be some intercessor to help approach Allah and bring to them the answers to their prayers. Obviously this is a false presumption, which has been endorsed and encouraged by clever people that Allah is out of the reach of common people and it is not possible for them to reach Him and present their prayers and get their answers. So they should search for such sacred beings as may have an approach to Him. Accordingly, they tried to secure the services of those who were well-versed in the art of conveying the requests with the necessary presents and gifts to the Highest Authority. This misunderstanding created hosts of intercessors, and the establishment of the system of priesthood, which has so incapacitated the followers of mushrik creeds of ignorance that they cannot perfomt by themselves any religious ceremony from birth to death.
Now Iet us consider the concise answer of Prophet Salih, by which he broke asunder the false presumption of the mushriks. It is this: "Allah is near at hand: so you can invoke His help directly without the help of any interceder. He answers prayers: so you can yourselves receive the answer to your prayer. Though He is the Highest, each one of you will find Him so near yourself that you will be able to convey your request even in a whisper, nay, you are permitted to convey your requests openly or secretly to Him. Therefore give up the folly of seeking interceders and setting them up as His partners, and address your prayers to Him Who is near at hand and answers prayers." (Please refer also to E.N. 188 of Al-Baqarah. )   "

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