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80.24. So schaue der Mensch doch auf seine Nahrung:

[ 'Abasa:24 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 360

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

25.10. Tabaraka alladhii in schaadschaAAala laka khayran min dhalika dschannatin tadschriimin tahtiha al-anharu wayadschAAal laka qusuuran

25.10. Blessed is He Who, if He will, will assign thee better than (all) that. Gardens underneath which rivers flow, and will assign thee mansions. (Pickthall)

25.10. Segenreich ist Er, der, wenn Er will, dir Besseres als dieses gibt, Gärten, unter denen Gewässer fließen, und Er gibt dir Schlösser. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

25.10. Segensreich ist Derjenige, Der dir, wenn Er will, etwas Besseres als dies zuteilen kann: Gärten, durcheilt von Bächen, und Der dir Schlösser zuteilen kann. (Bubenheim)

25.10. Voller Segen ist Der, Der dir, wenn Er will, noch besseres gibt im Jenseits: Gärten, unterhalb derer Flüsse fließen, und Paläste im Paradies. (Azhar)

25.10. Immer allerhabener ist Derjenige, wenn ER will, ER gewährte dir noch Besseres als dies, nämlich Dschannat, die von Flüssen durchflossen werden, und ER gewährt dir Schlösser. (Zaidan)

25.10. Voller Segen ist er (tabaaraka), der dir, wenn er will, etwas Besseres als das geben kann: Gärten, in deren Niederungen Bäche fließen, und Schlösser. (Paret)

25.10. Voller Segen ist Er, Der, wenn Er will, dir Besseres als all dies gewähren wird - Gärten, durch die Bäche fließen - und dir (auch) Paläste geben wird. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 7 bis 10

They say, "What sort of a Messenger is he that he eats food and moves about in the streets? ( 14 ) Why has not an angel been sent down to accompany him and threaten (the disbelievers)? ( 15 ) Or why has not at least a treasure been sent down for him or a garden given to him for (easy) sustenance?" ( 16 ) And the wicked people say, "You are following a man bewitched." ( 17 ) Just see what strange arguments they bring forward with regard to you! They have gone so far astray that they cannot charge any thing against you. ( 18 ) Highly blessed ( 19 ) is He, Who, if He wills, could give you much more and better things than what they propose for you: (Not one but) many gardens, beneath which rivers flow; and big castles:

Desc No: 14
That is, "He cannot be a Messenger of Allah because he is a human being like us. Had Allah willed to send a Messenger, He would have sent an angel, and f at all a human being was to be sent, he should have been a king or a millionaire, who would have resided in a castle and been guarded by attendants. A Messenger could not be an ordinary person who has to move about in the market places like the common people, for it is obvious that such a human Messenger cannot attract the attention of the people. In other words, they thought that a Messenger was not meant to guide the people to the right path but to coerce them to obedience by show of worldly power and grandeur. For further details, see E.N. 26 of AI-Mu'minun. 

Desc No: 15
That is, "If a human being was to be sent as a Messenger, an angel should have been appointed to accompany him to proclaim: `If you do not believe in him, 1 will scourge you." But what son of a Messenger is he, who has to suffer from abuse and persecution?"  

Desc No: 16
That is, "If nothing else, Allah should at least have made extraordinary arrangements for his livelihood. But this man has no treasure and no gardens; yet he claims to be a Messenger of the Lord of the universe." 

Desc No: 17
The disbelievers of Makkah made the false propaganda against the Holy Prophet that he had been bewitched by some jinn or by the sorcery of an enemy or by the curse of some god or goddess for his insolence. But it is strange that they also admitted that he was a clever man who could make use of extracts from the ancient writings for the sake of his "prophethood", could practise sorcery and was also a poet. 

Desc No: 18
As these objections were frivolous and meaningless like others, the Qur'an has ignored them, saying, "Your objections are irrelevant, unreasonable and void of sense. You bring no sound argument to prove your doctrine of shirk, ur to refute the Doctrine of Tauhid put forward by him, whereas the Messenger gives such proofs of the Doctrine of Tauhid that you cannot refute them except by saying, 'He is bewitched'. The same is true of the doctrine of the life-after-death and of the moral system of the Qur'an, which has produced men of high character. You cannot deny these things; you reject them, saying, "He is a human being like us, etc. etc."  

Desc No: 19
Here again the word tabaraka has been used and in the context it means: "Allah has full control over everything and has unlimited powers: if he wills to favour somebody, He can do so as and when He wills without Iet or h indrance. " . 

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