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94.1. Haben Wir dir nicht deine Brust aufgeta

[ asSarth:1 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 194

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

9.41. Infiruu khifafan wathiqalanwadschahiduu bi-amwalikum waanfusikum fii sabiili Allahidhalikum khayrun lakum in kuntum taAAlamuuna

9.41. Go forth, light armed and heavy armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah! That is best for you if ye but knew. (Pickthall)

9.41. Zieht aus, leicht und schwer lastend, und setzt euch ganz ein mit euren Vermögensgütern und euch selbst auf dem Weg Allahs, das ist besser für euch, wenn ihr es wißt. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

9.41. Rückt aus, leicht oder schwer, und müht euch mit eurem Besitz und eurer eigenen Person auf Allahs Weg ab. Das ist besser für euch, wenn ihr (es) nur wißt. (Bubenheim)

9.41. Rückt aus, leicht bewaffnet oder mit schwerer Rüstung! Setzt im Kampf auf dem Wege Gottes alles ein, Leben und Vermögen! Für euch ist es das Beste, wenn ihr nur wüsstet. (Azhar)

9.41. Brecht auf als Leichte oder Schwere und leistet Dschihad fi-sabilillah mit eurem Vermögen und mit euch selbst! Dies ist besser für euch, solltet ihr wissen. (Zaidan)

9.41. Rückt leichten oder schweren Herzens (zum Kampf) aus und führet mit eurem Vermögen und in eigener Person um Allahs willen Krieg! Das (zu) tun ist besser für euch, wenn (anders) ihr (richtig zu urteilen) wißt. (Paret)

9.41. Zieht aus, leicht und schwer, und kämpft mit eurem Gut und mit eurem Blut für Allahs Sache! Das ist besser für euch, wenn ihr es nur wüßtet! (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 38 bis 41

O ( 38 ) you who believed! what was amiss with you that, when you were asked to march forth on the Way of Allah, you clung to the earth? What! did you prefer the life of this world to the life of the Hereafter? If it is so, you should know that all these goods of this worldly life will prove to be but little in the Hereafter. ( 39 ) If you will not march forth, Allah will inflict on you a painful chastisement, ( 40 ) and will substitute other people for you, ( 41 ) and you will in no way harm Him, for Allah has power over everything. If you do not help your Prophet, (it does not matter): Allah did help him before when the disbelievers forced him to go away from his home, and he was but the second of two: when the two were in the cave; when he was saying to his Companion, "Be not distressed: indeed Allah is with us. " ( 42 ) Then Allah sent down peace of mind to him from Himself, and helped him with the forces you did not see, and made the word of the disbelievers abased. And Allah's Word is always supreme, for Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise. March forth whether you be light or heavy, ( 43 ) and exert your utmost in Allah's Way with your possessions and your lives: this is best for you, if you but know it.

Desc No: 38
From here begins the discourse (vv. 38-72) which was sent down at the time when the Holy Prophet was engaged in making preparations for the Campaign to Tabuk. 

Desc No: 39
".... you should know that the goods ... Hereafter" may imply two meanings. First: "When you will find that the life in the Hereafter is eternal and see that the good things and the provisions of enjoyment are countless, you will realize that the potential and the actual enjoyments of the temporary life of this world were nothing as compared with the blessings of that great Kingdom. At that time you will regret why you deprived yourselves of this everlasting happiness and bliss for the sake of the little-very little-sort-lived enjoyments of the mortal life of this world. " Second: "The goods of this worldly life are of no value in the Hereafter, howsoever abundant they might be. You shall have to give up each and everything as soon as you breathe your last, for nothing of this world can go with you to the Next World. Of course, you will get credit for what you sacrificed for the pleasure and love of Allah, and lout of Islam." 

Desc No: 40
A general rule of the Islamic conduct has been derived from "If you .... chastisement. " When the Muslims are commanded to go to Jihad by a public proclamation from their leader, it becomes an obligatory duty for those who are called upon to do Jihad, whether they belong to any particular group or region. So much so that the Faith of those who do not go for Jihad without a genuine excuse becomes doubtful. But even in cases where the Muslims are called upon to go forth for Jihad and there is no command for the compulsory enrolment of every able-bodied Muslim of a particular group or region, it is a religious duty (though not obligatory), and it shall be considered to have been performed even if only some Muslims go forth for it. 

Desc No: 41
That is, "Allah's work does not depend on you and will be accomplished only if you do it. It is Allah's grace and bounty that He is affording you the golden opportunity of serving the cause of His Way. Therefore if you miss this opportunity because of any foolish assumption, Allah will raise another people and bestow on them the opportunity and capability of doing His work, and you will be losers". 

Desc No: 42
This refers to the occasion when the disbelievers had decided to assassinate the Holy Prophet, and the very night fixed for his assassination he had left Makkah for Al-Madinah. By that time most of the Muslims had migrated to Al-Madinah in twos and threes and only a few helpless ones had remained behind in Makkah. As he was sure that he would be pursued, he took only Hadrat Abu Bakr with him and went southward instead of following the northern route to Al-Madinah and remained hidden in the Thaur Cave for three days. In the meantime the blood thirsty enemies had begun to make a thorough search for him all around Makkah and some of them reached the very mouth of the Cave where he was hidden. On this critical occasion Hadrat Abu Bakr naturally felt alarmed lest they should peep into the Cave, and see them. But the Holy Prophet remained as calm as before and reassured his Companion, saying, "Be not distressed: indeed Allah is with us." 

Desc No: 43
The words ".... whether you are light or heavy ..." have a very comprehensive meaning: "When it is enjoined to march forth for Jihad, you must go forth anyhow, whether you like it or not: whether you are in a state of prosperity or indigence: whether you are well-equipped or ill-equipped: whether the circumstances are favourable or adverse: whether you are young and healthy or old and weak. " 

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