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97.3. Die Nacht der Bestimmung ist besser als tausend Monate.

[ alQadr:3 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 590

Mehr Übersetzungen

Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

85.21. Bal huwa qur-anun madschiidun

85.21. Nay, but it is a glorious Quran (Pickthall)

85.21. Vielmehr er ist ein ruhmreicher Koran, (Ahmad v. Denffer)

85.21. Nein! Vielmehr ist es ein ruhmvoller Qur´a (Bubenheim)

85.21. Was du ihnen verkündest, ist der würdige Koran, al-Qur§ân al-Magîd, (Azhar)

85.21. Nein, sondern er ist ein herrlicher Quran, (Zaidan)

85.21. Nein! Es ist ein preiswürdiger Koran (was hier verkündet wird), (Paret)

85.21. Ja, es ist ein ruhmvoller Qur'an (Rasul)

Medina-Musshaf Seite 590

Mehr Übersetzungen

Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

85.22. Fii lawhin mahfuudhin

85.22. On a guarded tablet. (Pickthall)

85.22. Auf wohlbewahrter Tafel. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

85.22. auf einer wohlbehüteten Tafel. (Bubenheim)

85.22. unantastbar auf der wohlverwahrten Tafel. (Azhar)

85.22. auf einer wohlverwahrten Tafel. (Zaidan)

85.22. (im Original droben im Himmel) auf einer wohlverwahrten Tafel. (Paret)

85.22. auf einer wohlverwahrten Tafel. . (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 12 bis 22

Indeed, the grip of your Lord is very severe. It is He Who creates in the first instance, and He it is Who will create again. And He is the All-Forgiving, the All-Loving, Owner of the Throne, the Exalted and Doer of whatever He wills. ( 7 ) Has the story of the hosts reached you, (of the hosts of) Pharaoh and Thamud? ( 8 ) But those who disbelieve, persist in denying, although Allah has encircled them. (Their denial dces not affect the Qur'an at all), for this Qur'an is sublime: it is (inscribed) in the Tablet that is preserved. ( 9 )

Desc No: 7
"He is All-Forgiving": If a person repents and reforms himself, he can hope to be received by Allah in His mercy. "He is All-Loving", i.e. He has no emnity with His creatures that he would subject them to torment without any reason, but He loves the creatures He has created and punishes them only when they do not give up the attitude of rebellion against Him. "Owner of the Throne" means that He alone is the Ruler of the Kingdom of the Universe: no one who is a rebel can escape His grip and punishment The mention of His being "Exalted" is meant to warn man for his meanness when he adopts an attitude of arrogance against such a Being. Last of all, "He is Doer of whatever He wills": no one in the entire universe has the power to obstruct and resist what Allah wills to do. 

Desc No: 8
The address is directed to the people who in their false pride of having powerful hosts, are breaking the law of God on His earth. They are being warned. as if to say: "Do you know what evil fate was stet before by those who broke the hounds set by Allah on the strength of the power of their hosts'" 

Desc No: 9
That is, "The writ of the Qur'an is unchangeable and imperishable. It is inscribed in the Preserved Tablet of God. which cannot he corrupted in any way Whatever is written in it, has to be fulfilled: even the whole world together cannot avert its fulfilment. 

21-22 von 22 Ayaat, Seite 3/3


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