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2.74. Hierauf, nach alledem, verhärteten sich dann eure Herzen, so daß sie wie Steine waren oder noch härter. Und unter den Steinen gibt es wahrlich manche, denen Flüsse entspringen, und andere, die bersten, worauf Wasser aus ihnen herausfließt, und wieder andere, die herabstürzen aus Furcht vor Allah. Und Allah ist nicht unachtsam dessen, was ihr tut.

[ alBaqara:74 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 286

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

17.44. Tusabbihu lahu alssamawatualssabAAu waal-ardu waman fiihinna wa-in minschay-in illa yusabbihu bihamdihi walakinla tafqahuuna tasbiihahum innahu kana haliimanghafuuran

17.44. The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth his praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving. (Pickthall)

17.44. Es preisen Ihn die sieben Himmel und die Erde, und wer in ihnen ist. Es gibt nichts, außer es preist Sein Lob, aber ihr versteht ihr Preisen nicht, Er ist ja immer milde, verzeihend. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

17.44. Ihn preisen die sieben Himmel und die Erde, und wer in ihnen ist. Es gibt nichts, was Ihn nicht lobpreist; ihr aber versteht ihr Preisen nicht. Gewiß, Er ist Nachsichtig und Allvergebend. (Bubenheim)

17.44. Die sieben Himmel und die Erde und all ihre Bewohner lobpreisen Ihn. Es gibt nichts, was Ihn nicht lobpreist, doch ihr versteht deren Lobpreisung nicht. Gott ist langmütig, und Er verzeiht den Reumütigen. (Azhar)

17.44. Die sieben Himmel, die Erde und wer in ihnen ist, preisen Ihn. Und es gibt nichts, das nicht mit Seinem Lob preist. Doch ihr begreift ihre Preisung nicht. Gewiß, ER ist immer allnachsichtig, allvergebend. (Zaidan)

17.44. Die sieben Himmel und die Erde und (alle) ihre Bewohner preisen ihn. Es gibt (überhaupt) nichts, was ihn nicht lobpreisen würde. Aber ihr versteht ihr Preislied nicht. Er ist mild und bereit zu vergeben. (Paret)

17.44. Die sieben Himmel und die Erde und alle darin lobpreisen Ihn; und es gibt nichts, was Seine Herrlichkeit nicht preist; ihr aber versteht deren Lobpreisung nicht. Wahrlich, Er ist Nachsichtig, Allverzeihend. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 41 bis 44

We have admonished the people in different ways in the Qur'an so that they may take warning, yet they are running further and further away from the Truth. O Muhammad, tell them that if there had been other deities beside Allah, as they assert, they would surely have tried to find a way to (dethrone) the Master of the Throne. ( 47 ) He is free from and far above the things they say about Him. The seven heavens and the Earth and all the things therein ( 48 ) are chanting hymns of His glory ( 49 ) along with His praise but you do not understand their hymns. The fact is that He is very Forbearing and Forgiving. ( 50 )

Desc No: 47
That is, "They would have themselves tried their best to become masters of the Throne". This is because if there had been more than one partners in Godhead, it would produce one of the two results: (1) If they were all independent gods, it was not conceivable that they would agree and co-operate with one another in the management of the boundless universe and there could never have been unanimity, uniformity and balanced proportion in its functioning. There would have been conflict at every step and everyone would have tried to dominate others in order to become its sole master. or (2) if one of them had been the supreme god and the others his obedient servants whom he had delegated some of his powers, then, according to the maxim "power corrupts", they would never have been content with remaining obedient servants of the supreme god and would have conspired to become the supreme god themselves.
Whereas the fact is that in this universe not even a grain of wheat or a blade of grass can grow unless and until everything in the earth and the heavens cooperate with one another for its production. Therefore, only an utterly ignorant and blockheaded person can conceive that there are more than one independent or semi-independent rulers, who carry on the management of this universe. Anyone who has tried to understand the nature and functioning of the universe will most surely arrive at the conclusion that there is One and only One Sovereign ruling over this universe, and there is absolutely no likelihood of any one else to be a copartner in this at any stage. 

Desc No: 48
That is, "The whole of the universe and everything in it bear witness to the fact that their Creator and Guardian is free from each and every fault, defect and weakness, and that He is far above this that there should be any partner or associate in His Godhead. 

Desc No: 49
Everything is not only singing hymns of the glory of its Creator but is affording the proof that He is perfect in every respect and worthy of all praise. Everything is an embodiment of the proof that its Creator and Administrator is the one in whom there is perfection of every quality. Therefore, He alone is worthy of praise. 

Desc No: 50
That is, "It is due to His forbearance and forgiveness that though you are persistently insolent to Him and go on inventing one false thing or the other against Him, He forbears and forgives you,. He neither withholds provisions from you nor deprives you of His favours nor strikes an insolent person instantly dead with a thunderbolt. Above all, He is so forbearing and forgiving that He gives long enough respite to the individuals and communities to mend their ways, sends His prophets and reformers for their admonition and guidance and forgives all the past mistakes and errors, if one sincerely repents and adopts the Right way. 

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