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23.58. und die an die Zeichen ihres Herrn glaube

[ alMu'minun:58 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 323

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

21.15. Fama zalat tilka daAAwahumhatta dschaAAalnahum hasiidan khamidiina

21.15. And this their crying ceased not till We made them as reaped corn, extinct. (Pickthall)

21.15. Und dieser ihr Ruf hörte nicht auf, bis Wir sie wie Niedergemähtes gemacht haben, erloschen. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

21.15. So war dies stets ihr Ausruf, bis Wir sie (wie) abgemäht und ausgelöscht sein ließen. (Bubenheim)

21.15. Diesen Ruf wiederholen sie ständig, bis Wir sie dem leblosen, abgeernteten Stroh gleich machten. (Azhar)

21.15. Und es blieb dies ihr Ruf, bis WIR sie wie das Geerntete, regungslos machten. (Zaidan)

21.15. Und sie hörten nicht auf, dies auszurufen, bis wir sie schließlich dahingerafft hatten und ihr Lebenslicht erloschen war (khaamidiena). (Paret)

21.15. Und dieser ihr Ruf hörte nicht eher auf, als bis Wir sie niedermähten und in Asche verwandelten. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 11 bis 15

Many a habitation of wicked people is there, which We crushed to piece, and after them raised up another people. When they perceived Our Scourge ( 13 ) they began to flee the place. (Then it was said to them:) "Do not run away: go back to the same life of luxury and the houses where you were making merry: perhaps you may be asked about it." ( 14 ) They cried out, "Woe be to us: indeed we were wrong-doers." They went on crying out this very thing till We threshed them, leaving no spark of life in them.
We have not created for a pastime the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. ( 15 ) Had We meant to make it a plaything and nothing more than this, We would have done it by Ourself. ( 16 ) But We give falsehood a hard blow with the Truth, which breaks its head and falsehood vanishes away in no time; and there is woe for you because of the falsehoods you invent. ( 17 )

Desc No: 13
That is, "When they realized that Allah's scourge was actually coming. .. . .  

Desc No: 14
This is a very meaningful sentence. It may mean:
(1) "Examine this scourge minutely so that if someone asks you about it, you may be able to give an accurate account of it."
(2) "Hold your grand meetings as usual: perhaps your servants may come with folded hands before you to receive orders."
(3) "Hold your councils as before, perhaps people may still come to ask for your wise counsels."  

Desc No: 15
This was to refute their entire conception of life which was based on the assumption that man was free to do whatever he liked, and there was none to call him to account or take him to task: that there was no life in the Hereafter where one's good deeds would be rewarded and evil deeds punished. In other words, this meant that the whole universe had been created without any serious purpose and therefore there was no need to pay any heed to the Message of the Prophet. 

Desc No: 16
That is, "This world has been created with a definite purpose and not as a plaything; for, if he had wanted to enjoy a sport, We would have done so without creating a sentient, rational and responsible creature like you. Far be it from Us to put man to trial and conflict for the sake of mere fun." 

Desc No: 17
That is, "The object for which this world has been created is to stage a conflict between the Truth and falsehood. And you yourselves know that in this conflict falsehood has always been defeated and destroyed: You should, therefore, consider this reality seriously, for, if you build the system of your life on the false presumption that it is mere fun, you will meet with the same consequences as the former people did, who presumed that the world was a mere show and pastime. Therefore you should reconsider your whole attitude towards the Message which has come to you. Instead of making fun of it and scoffing at the Messenger, you should take a warning from the fate of the former peoples."  "

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