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6.146. Und denen, die dem Judentum angehören, haben Wir alles verboten, was Klauen besitzt; und von den Rindern und dem Kleinvieh haben Wir ihnen das Fett verboten, außer dem, was ihre Rücken und ihre Eingeweide tragen, oder was mit Knochen verwachsen ist. Damit haben Wir ihnen ihre Übertretung vergolten. Und Wir sagen ganz gewiß die Wahrheit.

[ alAn'am:146 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 362

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Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

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Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

25.30. Waqala alrrasuulu yarabbi inna qawmii ittakhadhuu hatha alqur-anamahdschuuran

25.30. And the messenger saith: O my Lord! Lo! mine own folk make this Quran of no account. (Pickthall)

25.30. Und der Gesandte hut genagt". "Mein Herr, mein Volk nimmt diesen Koran als bedeutungslos." (Ahmad v. Denffer)

25.30. Und der Gesandte sagt: "O mein Herr, mein Volk mied diesen Qur´an unter Mißachtung." (Bubenheim)

25.30. Der Gesandte wird sagen: "O mein Herr! Mein Volk hat sich vom Koran abgewandt und ihn zu einem verlassenen Gegenstand gemacht." (Azhar)

25.30. Und der Gesandte sagte: „Mein HERR! Gewiß, meine Leute vernachlässigen den Quran.“ (Zaidan)

25.30. Und der Gesandte sagt: "Herr! Meine Landsleute betrachten diesen Koran als etwas, das gemieden werden muß (mahdschuuran)." - (Paret)

25.30. Und der Gesandte sagte: "O mein Herr, mein Volk hat wirklich diesen Qur'an von sich gewiesen." (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 21 bis 30

Those people, who have no fear of coming before Us, say,"Why should not the angels be sent down to us? ( 33 ) Or else we should see our Lord. " ( 34 ) Great arrogance have they assumed in regard to themselves, ( 35 ) and have transgressed all limits in their rebellion. The Day, when they will see the angels, will not be a day of rejoicing for the criminals ; ( 36 ) they will cry out, "May Allah save us!" Then We shall turn . to what they had done and render it vain like scattered dust. ( 37 ) (On the contrary) only those who have deserved the Garden, will have a good abode on that Day and a cool place for midday rest. ( 38 ) On that Day, a cloud will appear rending the sky and the angels will be senthi down rank after rank. The real Kingdom on that Day will belong only to the Merciful, ( 39 ) and it will be a very hard Day for the disbelievers. The unjust man will bite at his hand and say, "Would that I had stood by the Messenger! O, woe to me ! Would that I had not chosen so and so for a friend! For it was he, who had deluded me to reject the Admonition which had come to me. Satan has proved very treacherous to man. " ( 40 ) And the Messenger will say, "O my Lord, my people had made this Qur'an the object of their ridicule." ( 41 )

Desc No: 33
That is, "If Allah had really intended to convey His Message to us, He would not have chosen a prophet and sent an angel only to him, but to each one of us individually with the guidance, or He should have sent a deputation of angels to appear before the people with the Message". The same objection has been stated in Surah Al-An`am thus: "When a Revelation comes before them, they say, `We will not believe in it unless we are given the like of what has been given to the Messengers of Allah.' Allah knows best whom to entrust with His Mission and how it should be enforced." (v. 124) appeal . " 

Desc No: 34
That is. "Allah Himself should appear before us and make the appeal. 

Desc No: 35
Another translation could be: "They have formed a very high opinion of their own selves." 

Desc No: 36
This very theme has been expressed in much greater detail in AlAn'am: 8, Al-Hijr: 7-8 and 51-64, and also in Bani Isra`il: 90-95.  

Desc No: 37
For explanation, see Ibrahim: 18 and E. N.'s 25, 26 thereof.  

Desc No: 38
In contrast to the miserable plight of the disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection, the Believers will be protected from the hardships of that Day; they will be treated with honour and will have a blissful place for midday rest. According to a Tradition, the Holy Prophet said: "I declare on oath by Allah, in Whose hand is my life, that the long, horrible Day of Resurrection will be made very short and light for a Believer, as short and light as the time taken in offering an obligatory Prayer." (Musnad Ahmad).  

Desc No: 39
That is, "On that Day all other kingdoms, which deluded man in the world, will come to an end, and there will be only the Kingdom of Allah, Who is the real Sovereign of the universe. In Surah Mu'min: 16, the same thing has been stated thus: "On that Day when all the people will stand exposed, and nothing of them will be hidden from Allah, it will be asked, `Whose is the Sovereignty today?' The response from every side will he: `Of Allah, the Almighty'." According to a Tradition, the Holy Prophet said, "Allah will take the heavens in one hand and the earth in the other, and will declare: `I am the Sovereign: I am the Ruler. Where are the other rulers of the earth? Where are those tyrants`? Where are the arrogant people?" (Musnad Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim, and Abu Da'ud, with slight variations).  

Desc No: 40
"Satan has proved very treacherous to man" may also be a part of the disbelievers' lament, or it may be a remark by Allah, in which case the meaning will be: "And Satan is indeed the one who always deceives man."  

Desc No: 41
The Arabic word mahjur is capable of several meanings. As such, the sentence may mean:" "these people did not regard the Qur'an as worthy of their consideration: they neither accepted it nor followed it"; or "They considered it to be a nonsense or the delirium of insanity: or "They made it the target of their ridicule and mockery."   "

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