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25.51. Wenn Wir wollten, würden Wir wahrlich in jeder Stadt einen Warner erstehen lassen.

[ alFurqan:51 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 436

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

35.14. In tadAAuuhum la yasmaAAuu duAAaakumwalaw samiAAuu ma istadschabuu lakum wayawma alqiyamatiyakfuruuna bischirkikum wala yunabbi-oka mithlu khabiirin

35.14. If ye pray unto them they hear not your prayer, and if they heard they could not grant it you. On the Day of Resurrection they will disown association with you. None can Inform you like Him Who is Aware. (Pickthall)

35.14. Wenn ihr zu ihnen ruft, sie hören euren Ruf nicht, und wenn sie hören würden, antworten sie euch nicht, und am Tag der Auferstehung verweigern sie eure Mitgötterei, und es gibt keiner dir Nachricht wie ein Kundiger. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

35.14. Wenn ihr sie anruft, hören sie euer Bittgebet nicht, und wenn sie (es) auch hörten, würden sie euch doch nicht erhören. Und am Tag der Auferstehung verleugnen sie, daß ihr (sie Allah) beigesellt habt. Keiner kann dir kundtun wie Einer, der Kenntnis von allem hat. (Bubenheim)

35.14. Wenn ihr sie anruft, hören sie euch nicht. Auch wenn sie euch hören würden, könnten sie euch nichts gewähren. Am Jüngsten Tag werden sie verleugnen, durch euch Gott beigesellt worden zu sein. Nur der Allwissende, Dessen Kenntnis alles umfasst, kann euch darüber berichten. (Azhar)

35.14. Wenn ihr sie ruft, hören sie euren Ruf nicht. Und würden sie hören, würden sie auf euch nicht reagieren. Und am Tag der Auferstehung werden sie eurem Schirk gegenüber Kufr betreiben. Und Mitteilungen bringt dir keiner wie Ein Allkundiger. (Zaidan)

35.14. Wenn ihr zu ihnen betet, hören sie es nicht. Und (selbst) wenn sie es hören würden, würden sie euch kein Gehör schenken. Und am Tag des Gerichts werden sie leugnen, daß ihr (sie in eurem Erdenleben dem einen Gott) beigesellt habt (yakfuruuna bi-schirkikum). Und niemand kann dich so unterrichten wie der Eine, der Kundig ist. (Paret)

35.14. Wenn ihr sie bittet, hören sie eure Bitte nicht; und wenn sie diese auch hören würden, so würden sie euch nichts in Erfüllung bringen. Und am Tage der Auferstehung werden sie leugnen, daß ihr (sie) zu Göttern nahmt. Und niemand kann dich so unterrichten wie der Eine, Der Kundig ist. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 11 bis 14

Allah ( 23 ) created you from dust, then from the sperm-drop, ( 24 ) then made you pairs (i.e., male and female). No woman conceives or is delivered but it is in the knowledge of Allah. No aging person grows old nor is anything reduced of his age except in accordance with a Book ( 25 ) this is an easy thing for Allah. ( 26 ) And the two bodies of water are not alike ( 27 ) : one is sweet and thirst-quenching, pleasant to drink, while the other is saltish and pungent; yet froth both you get fresh flesh ( 28 ) and bring out decorations to wear, ( 29 ) and in the same waters you see the ships which plough through it so that you may seek Allah's bounty and be grateful to Him. He causes the night to pass into the day and the day into the night ( 30 ) and He has subjected the sun and the moon till an appointed time. ( 31 ) The same Allah (Whose works are these) is your Lord: Sovereignty is His. Those whom you invoke instead of Him do not own even a blade of grass. ( 32 ) If you call them, they cannot hear your prayers, and if they hear, they cannot answer you ( 33 ) ; and on the Day of Resurrection they will disown your shirk. ( 34 ) None can inform you of the truth except the One Who is All-Aware. ( 35 )

Desc No: 23
From here again the discourse is directed to the common people. 

Desc No: 24
That is, man in the first instance was created from the dust directly, then his race was perpetuated through the sperm-drop. 

Desc No: 25
That is, "It is pre-ordained for everyone who is born in this world how long he will live. If a person lives a long life, he dces so by Allah's decree, and if another one lives a short life, he too lives so by Allah's decree. Some ignorant people give the argument that in the past the death-rate of the newly-born children used to be high, and now it has been checked by the advancement of the medical science; and the people used to live short lives in the past, now due to better medical facilities the life-span has increased. But this argument could be presented in refutation of the Qur'anic argument only when it could be ascertained that Allah, for instance, had pre-ordained a two-year life for a certain person, and the modern medical facilities have enhanced it by a day. If a person has no such knowledge, he cannot refine this Qur'anic statement on any rational grounds. Only on the basis of the statistics that the death-rate among children has fallen, or that the people now. are living longer lives, it cannot be argued that man has now become able to change the decrees of Allah. Rationally it is not impossible that Allah might have fixed different life-spans for the people born in different periods, and this might also be Allah Almighty's decree that man in such and such an age would be granted curative power to treat such and such diseases, and in such and such a period man would be given greater means for longevity. 

Desc No: 26
That is, "It is not at all difficult for Allah to give commands and pass judgements about each individual of His countless creations when He possesses detailed and perfect knowledge about them." 

Desc No: 27
That is, the body of water in the oceans, and the body of water in the rivers and springs and lakes. 

Desc No: 28
"Fresh flesh": Flesh of water animals. 

Desc No: 29
That is pearls and corals and, in some rivers, diamonds and gold. 

Desc No: 30
That is, "The light of the day starts diminishing and the darkness of the night increasing gradually so as to cover up everything completely. Likewise, towards the end of the night, in the beginning, a streak of the light appears on the horizon, and then the bright day dawns." 

Desc No: 31
"Subjected .." : subjected to a law. 

Desc No: 32
The word qitmira in the original means the thin skin that covers the stone of the date-fruit; but what is meant to be said is that the gods of the mushriks do not own anything whatever. That is why we have translated it "a blade of grass", which is an insignificant thing.  

Desc No: 33
This does not mean that they cannot tell aloud, in answer to vour prayer.whether your prayer has been accepted or not, but it means that .they cannot take any action on your supplications. If a person sends his application to someone who is not a ruler. his application miscarries. For the person to whom it has been sent, has no authority whatever: he can neither reject it nor accept it. However, if the same application is sent to the one who is really a ruler, one or the other action will certainly be taken on it. 

Desc No: 34
That is, "They will plainly say: We had never told theta that we are Allah's associates and that they should worship us. On the contrary, we were not at All aware that they regarded us as Allah's associates and were invoking us for help. None of their prayers has reached us, nor has any of their gifts and offerings" . 

Desc No: 35
"All-Aware": Allah Almighty Himself. It means this: The other person can at the most refine shirk and prove the powerlessness of the gods of the polytheists by rational arguments only, but We are directly aware of the Absolute Truth. We are telling you, on the basis of knowledge, that All those whom the people believe to be possessing some powers in Our Godhead are absolutely powerless. They have no authority whatever by which they might do somebody good or harm. And We know this directly that on the Day of Resurrection, these gods of the mushriks will themselves refute their shirk. "  "

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