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97.4. Es kommen die Engel und der Geist in ihr mit der Erlaubnis ihres Herrn mit jeder Angelegenheit herab.

[ alQadr:4 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 464

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

39.52. Awa lam yaAAlamuu anna Allaha yabsutualrrizqa liman yaschao wayaqdiru inna fii dhalikalaayatin liqawmin yu/minuuna

39.52. Know they not that Allah enlargeth providence for whom He will, and straiteneth it (for whom He will). Lo! herein verily are portents for people who believe. (Pickthall)

39.52. Und wissen sie nicht, daß Allah die Versorgung ausweitet für wen Er will und abmißt? Hierin sind ja bestimmt Zeichen für Leute, die glauben. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

39.52. Wissen sie denn nicht, daß Allah die Versorgung großzügig gewährt, wem Er will, und auch bemißt? Darin sind wahrlich Zeichen für Leute, die glauben. (Bubenheim)

39.52. Wissen sie nicht, dass Gott wem Er will, mehr und wem Er will, weniger gibt? Darin sind Zeichen für Menschen, die wahrhaftig glauben. (Azhar)

39.52. Wissen sie etwa noch nicht, dass ALLAH gewiss viel Rizq gewährt, wem ER will, und dass ER wenig gewährt?! Gewiß, darin sind doch Ayat für Leute, die den Iman verinnerlichen. (Zaidan)

39.52. Wissen sie denn nicht, daß Allah den Unterhalt reichlich zuteilt, wem er will, und (ihn auch wieder) begrenzt? Darin liegen (doch) Zeichen für Leute, die glauben. (Paret)

39.52. Wissen sie nicht, daß Allah dem die Mittel zum Unterhalt erweitert und beschränkt, dem Er will? Wahrlich, hierin liegen Zeichen für Leute, die glauben. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 49 bis 52

Man ( 65 ) is such that when a little affliction touches him, he calls upon Us, and when We bestow Our favour on him, he says, "I have been given this because of my knowledge! " ( 66 ) Nay, it is a trial, but most of them do not know. ( 67 ) The same was said also by those who went before them, but whatever they earned did not avail them anything. ( 68 ) So, they met the evil consequences of their deeds, and the wicked ones among these people, too, shall soon meet the evil consequences of their deeds. They cannot frustrate Us. And do they not know that Allah provides abundantly for whom He wills and sparingly for whom He wills? ( 69 ) In this there are signs for those who believe.

Desc No: 65
"The man" : the one who has aversion to Allah and whose face is distorted on hearing Allah alone being mentioned. 

Desc No: 66
This sentence can have two meanings: (1) "That Allah knows that I stn worthy of this blessing; that is why He has given me All this, otherwise He would not have blessed me if I had been an evil and wicked person in His sight;" and (2) `that I have attained to this by virtue of my ability." 

Desc No: 67
People ignorantly think that whoever is being blessed by Allah in some way is being so blessed necessarily on account of his worth and ability and that the same is a sign or proof of his being a favourite in His sight; whereas the fact is that whoever is being given something here, is being given it for the sake of a trial by Allah. This is a means of the test, and not any reward for ability, otherwise many able and worthy people would not be living in poverty and many unworthy people would not be rolling in prosperity. Likewise, these worldly blessings arc not a sign of one's being a favourite with Allah either. Everyone can see that many good people whose goodness is unquestionable arc living in hardships in the world, and many wicked people whose evil-doing is well known arc enjoying the pleasures of life, Now, can a sensible man take the affliction of the one and the life of ease and comfort of the other as an argument to say that Allah hates the good matt and prefers the bad man? 

Desc No: 68
That is, "When they were seized for evil-doing, the ability of which they were so proud, did not avail them anything, and this also became known that they were not Allah's favourites. Evidently, if their earning had been due to their capability and their being favourites with Allah, they would not have been seized for evil-doing at all." 

Desc No: 69
That is, "The Abundance or restriction of the provisions is based on another law of Allah, which has some other wisdom. The distribution of the provisions dces not at all depend on man's worthiness and ability, or on his being a favourite of Allah, or for being under His wrath. " (For details, see At-Taubah: 55, 69, 85; Yunus: 17; Hud: 3, 27; Ar-Ra`d: 26; Al-Kahf: 34-36; Ta Ha: 131-132; AI-Anbiya': 105; Al-Mu`min: Introductian and vv. 55-56; Ash-Shu'ara`: 111; AI-Qasas: 78, 89 and the E N. thereof. and E.N.'s 54 to 60 of Saba).  "

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