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19.49. Als er sich nun von ihnen und von dem, dem sie anstatt Allahs dienten, fernhielt, schenkten Wir ihm Ishaq und Ya´qub; und alle (beide) machten Wir zu Propheten.

[ Maryam:49 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 495

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

43.78. Laqad dschi/nakum bialhaqqiwalakinna aktharakum lilhaqqi karihuuna

43.78. We verily brought the Truth unto you, but ye were, most of you, averse to the Truth. (Pickthall)

43.78. Wir sind euch doch bestimmt schon mit der Wahrheit gekommen, aber die meisten von euch haben die Wahrheit verabscheut. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

43.78. Wir sind zu euch mit der Wahrheit gekommen, aber den meisten von euch ist die Wahrheit zuwider. (Bubenheim)

43.78. Gott spricht: "Wir haben euch die Wahrheit überbracht. Doch die meisten unter euch verabscheuten die Wahrheit." (Azhar)

43.78. Gewiß, bereits kamen WIR zu euch mit der Wahrheit. Doch die meisten von euch sind der Wahrheit gegenüber abgeneigt. (Zaidan)

43.78. Wir haben euch doch die Wahrheit gebracht. Aber die meisten von euch verabscheuen die Wahrheit. (Paret)

43.78. Wir brachten euch gewiß die Wahrheit, jedoch die meisten von euch verabscheuten die Wahrheit. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 66 bis 78

Do these people now only await the Hour (of Resurrection) that it should come upon them suddenly while they are unaware? When the Day comes all friends shall become enemies of one another except the righteous. ( 59 ) On that Day it will be said to those who had believed in Our Revelations and surrendered themselves, "O My servants ! Today you have nothing to fear, nor will there be any cause for you to grieve. Enter Paradise, you and your wives ( 60 ) : you will be made happy !" There they shall have platters and cups of gold passed round to them and there they shall have everything that the souls can desire and the eyes can delight in. It will be said to them, "You shall live here for ever. You have inherited this Paradise by virtue of the deeds you did in the world. You have abundance of fruit here, which you will eat." As for the criminals, they shall endure for ever the torment of Hell; their punishment will never be lightened for them, and there they shall remain, despairing. We did not wrong them, but they themselves were the wrongdoers. They will call out, "O Malik, ( 61 ) let your Lord put an end to us!" He will answer, "Here you must remain! We had brought the Truth to you, but most of you abhor the Truth. " ( 62 )

Desc No: 59
In other words, only those friendships will remain unaffected which are based on righteousness and piety in the world; all other friendships will turn into enmities, and those who are cooperating with one another in deviation, tyranny and wickedness today, will on the Day of Resurrection, put the blame on others and try to escape. This subject has been treated repeatedly at many places in the Qur'an so that every person in this very world may fully realize with whom it would be beneficial for him to cooperate and with whom it is harmful. 

Desc No: 60
The word azwaj as used in the original can be used both for the wives and for those people who are a person's close associates, friends and peers. This comprehensive word has been used so as to cover both the meanings. The believers will be accompanied both by their believing wives and by their believing friends in Paradise. 

Desc No: 61
"Malik" : a keeper of Hell as is evident from the context. 

Desc No: 62
That is, "We made the reality plain to you, but you were fond of the imaginary, and you had an aversion to the truth. Now, why do you lament at the fate of your foolish choice?" It may be a part of the Hell-keeper's answer, and it may also be that his answer ended with: "Here you must remain ! " and this second sentence an addition by Allah. In the first case, the keeper's saying: "We had brought the Truth to you," is just like an official's using the word "we" nn behalf of his government, when he wants to say, "Our government did this or gave such and such an order. " 

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