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74.12. und dem Ich ausgedehnten Besitz gegeben habe

[ alMuddatir:12 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 502

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Tafsir auf arabisch:
Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

Tafsir auf englisch:
Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

45.35. Dhalikum bi-annakumu ittakhadhtumayati Allahi huzuwan wagharratkumu alhayatualddunya faalyawma la yukhradschuunaminha wala hum yustaAAtabuuna

45.35. This, forasmuch as ye made the revelations of Allah a jest, and the life of the world beguiled you. Therefor this day they come not forth from thence, nor can they make amends (Pickthall)

45.35. Dies, weil ihr euch die Zeichen Allahs zum Spott genommen habt, und es hat euch das Leben dieser Welt verblendet, und heute werden sie nicht von hier herausgebracht, und sie, sie werden nicht nach Umkehr gefragt. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

45.35. Dies ist dafür, daß ihr euch über Allahs Zeichen lustig machtet und daß euch das diesseitige Leben täuschte." Heute werden sie nicht (mehr) aus ihm herausgebracht, und es wird ihnen keine Gnade (mehr) erwiesen. (Bubenheim)

45.35. Das geschieht euch recht, weil ihr über Gottes Verse gespottet und euch vom irdischen Leben verführen lassen habt." Heute werden sie nicht herausgeholt und keine Entschuldigung wird von ihnen entgegengenommen werden. (Azhar)

45.35. Dies, weil ihr ALLAHs Ayat doch zum Spott genommen habt und das dießeitige Leben euch täuschte! Also an diesem Tag, weder gehen sie aus ihm (Feuer) heraus, noch werden sie zufriedengestellt. (Zaidan)

45.35. Dies (zaalikum) geschieht euch darum, daß ihr mit den Zeichen Allahs euren Spott getrieben habt und vom diesseitigen Leben betört waret. Heute kommen sie nun nicht (mehr) aus ihm heraus. Ihnen werden auch keine Vorhaltungen (mehr) gemacht. (Denn dazu ist es zu spät.) (Paret)

45.35. Dies (geschieht), weil ihr Allahs Zeichen zum Gespött machtet und (weil) euch das irdische Leben betrog." Darum sollen sie an jenem Tage nicht von dort herausgebracht werden, noch wird es ihnen erlaubt sein, (ihr Unrecht) wiedergutzumachen. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 28 bis 35

At that time you will sec every nation on their knees. ( 41 ) Each nation will be summoned to see its record. It will be said to them, "Today you shall be rewarded for what you have done. This is a record which We have prepared: it gives true evidence against you. We were recording all your deeds. " ( 42 ) Then, those who had believed and done righteous deeds, their Lord shall admit them to His mercy; this is the manifest success! And to those who had disbelieved, it will be said: '`Were not My Revelations recited to you? But you showed arrogance ( 43 ) and became criminals. And when it was said, `Allah's promise is true and there is no doubt about the coming of Resurrection', you used to say, `We do not know what Resurrection is: we do only guess: we are not certain. ( 44 ) The evils of their deeds then will become manifest to them ( 45 ) and they will be encompassed by the same that they used to mock. It will be said to them, "We will today forget you even as you yourselves had forgotten the meeting of this Day. Your abode now is Hell and there is none to help you. You have met this fate because you took Allah's Revelations in jest, and the life of the world deluded you. Therefore, neither shall they be taken out of Hell today, nor shall they be asked to snake amends and please their Lord. " ( 46 )

Desc No: 41
That is, the dread and terror of the Plain of Resurrection and the awe of the Divine Court will be etch that it will break the stubbornnese of the most arrogant and boastful people, and everyone will be found fallen on his knees humbly. 

Desc No: 42
The only possible way of getting a thing recorded is not by means of the pen and paper only. Man himself has discovered in this world several other forms of recording human words and actions and reproducing them exactly and accurately; and we cannot even imagine what other possibilities of it lie yet undiscovered, which man himself will discover and exploit in the future. Now, who can know how and by what means is Allah getting recorded man's every word, his every movement and action, even his hidden intentions and motives and desires and ideas, and how He will place before every man and every group and every nation his or its whole lifework accurately and exactly ? 

Desc No: 43
That is, "You thought it was below your dignity to believe in Allah's Revelations and submit to them, and considered yourselves to be above subjection and servitude." 

Desc No: 44
The people mentioned in verse 24 above were those who denied the Hereafter openly and absolutely, here those who are not sure of it although they do not deny its possibility because of conjecture. Apparently there is a vast difference between the two groups in that one of them denies the Hereafter absolutely and the other regards it as possible on the basis of conjecture. But as for the result and final end, there is no difference between them, for the moral consequences of the denial of the Hereafter and of lack of the faith in it are the same. A person whether he disbelieves in the Hereafter or lacks faith in it, will in either case be inevitably devoid of the feeling of accountability before God, and this lack of feeling will necessarily involve him in the error and deviation of thought and action. Only faith and belief in the Hereafter can keep a man on the right track in the world. In the absence of it, both doubt and denial give him a similar attitude of irresponsibility, and since this same attitude of irresponsibility is the real cause of man's being doomed in the Hereafter, therefore neither the denier of it can escape I loll nor the one who lacks faith in it. 

Desc No: 45
That is, "There they will come to know that their ways of behaviour, their practices and manners, and their actions and pastimes, which they regarded as very good in the world were, in fact, very bad: they had committed a basic mistake in thinking that they were not answerable to anyone, and this had rendered their whale lifework fruitless and vain." 

Desc No: 46
This last sentence depicts the manner of a master who after rebuking some of his servants turns to others and says: "Well, these wretched people now deserve such and such punishment!" 

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