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20.80. O Kinder Isra´ils, Wir retteten euch ja vor eurem Feind, verabredeten Uns mit euch auf der rechten Seite des Berges und sandten das Manna und die Wachteln auf euch hinab:

[ Ta Ha:80 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 540

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Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

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Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

57.21. Sabiquu ila maghfiratin minrabbikum wadschannatin AAarduha kaAAardi alssama-iwaal-ardi oAAiddat lilladhiina amanuubiAllahi warusulihi dhalika fadlu Allahiyu/tiihi man yaschao waAllahu dhuualfadli alAAadhiimi

57.21. Race one with another for forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden whereof the breadth is as the breadth of the heavens and the earth, which is in store for those who believe in Allah and His messengers. Such is the bounty of Allah, which He bestoweth upon whom He will, and Allah is of infinite bounty. (Pickthall)

57.21. Eilt einander voraus zur Verzeihung von eurem Herrn und einem Garten, dessen Weite ist wie die Weite des Himmels und der Erde, vorbereitet für diejenigen, die an Allah und Seine Gesandten glauben, dies ist die Gunst Allahs, Er gibt sie, wem Er will, und Allah ist voller gewaltiger Gunst. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

57.21. Wetteilt zu Vergebung von eurem Herrn und (zu) einem (Paradies)garten, dessen Breite wie die Breite der Himmel und der Erde ist, bereitet für diejenigen, die an Allah und Seine Gesandten glauben. Das ist Allahs Huld, die Er gewährt, wem Er will. Und Allah besitzt große Huld. (Bubenheim)

57.21. Wetteifert miteinander um die Vergebung eures Herrn und das Paradies, das so breit wie die Himmel und die Erde ist und für diejenigen bereitet wurde, die an Gott und Seinen Gesandten glauben. Das ist Gottes Gabenfülle, die Er, wem Er will, gewährt. Gott besitzt die größte Gabenfülle. (Azhar)

57.21. Wetteifert um Vergebung von eurem HERRN und eine Dschanna, deren Breite wie die Breite von Himmel und Erde ist, sie wurde denjenigen, die den Iman an ALLAH und Seinen Gesandten verinnerlichten, vorbereitet. Dies ist ALLAHs Gunst, die ER dem gewährt, den ER will. Und ALLAH ist von unermesslicher Gunst. 3 (Zaidan)

57.21. Wetteifert nach Vergebung von eurem Herrn und (nach) einem Garten, der (in seiner Ausdehnung) so weit ist wie Himmel und Erde, und der für diejenigen bereitsteht, die an Allah und seine Gesandten glauben! Das ist die Huld Allahs. Er gibt sie, wem er will. Allah ist voller Huld. (Paret)

57.21. Wetteifert denn miteinander um die Vergebung eures Herrn und um das Paradies, dessen Größe gleich der Größe des Himmels und der Erde ist. (Es ist für) jene bereitet, die an Allah und Seine Gesandten glauben. Das ist Allahs Huld; Er gewährt sie, wem Er will. Und Allah verfügt über die große Huld. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 20 bis 21

Know it well that the life of this world is nothing but a sport and pastime, and a show and boasting among yourselves and a rivalry in wealth and children. Its example is of vegetation after a shower of rain, which delighted the tillers, then the same ripens and you see it turn yellow, then it becomes straw. Contrary to this, in the life to come there is severe torment and forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure. The life of this world is nothing but illusion ( 36 ) Therefore, strive in rivalry with one another ( 37 ) in hastening towards the Paradise the vastness of which is like the vastness of the heavens and earth, ( 38 ) prepared for those who have believed in Allah and His Messengers. This is Allah's bounty which He bestows on whomever He wills, and Allah's bounty is immense!

Desc No: 36
To understand this theme fully one should keep the following verses of the Qur'an in mind: Imran; 14- 15, Yunus: 24-25, ibrahim: 18, AI-Kahf: 45-46, An-Nur: 39. In all those verses the truth that has been impressed on the mind is: The life of this world is a temporary life: its spring as well as its autumn is temporary, Them is much here to allure man. but this, in fact, consists of base and insignificant things which man because of his shallowness of mind regards as great and splendid and is deluded into thinking that in attaining them lies supreme success, The truth however is that the highest benefits and means of pleasure and enjoyment that one can possibly attain in the world, arc indeed bast and insignificant and confined to a few years of temporary life, and can be destroyed by just one turn of fate. Contrary to this, the lift hereafter is a splendid and eternal life: its benefits are great and permanent and its losses too are great and permanent. The one who attains Allah's forgiveness and His goodwill there, will indeed have attained the everlasting bliss beside which the whole wealth of the world and its kingdom become pale and insignificant. And the one who is seized in God's torment there, will come to know that he had made a bad bargain even if he had attained all that he regarded as great and splendid in the world.  

Desc No: 37
Musabagat (from which sabiqu of the original is derived) means to compete and vie with each other in order to excel. The meaning is: "Give up your rivalries with one another for amassing wealth, and pleasures and benefits, of the world and instead make the forgiveness of your Lord and Paradise the object of your struggle and rivalries.'  

Desc No: 38
Some commentators have taken the word ard in 'arduha ka- 'ard-is- sama '-I wal-ard in the sense of breadth, but actually this word has been used here in the meaning of spaciousness and extensiveness. In Arabic the word ard is not only used for breadth, as a counterpart of length, but also for spaciousness, as it has been used in Ha Mim As-Sajdah: 51: fa-dhu du'a in 'arid: "Then he is full of wordy supplications." Besides, one should also understand that the object here is not to foretell the area or extent of Paradise, but to give an idea of its vastness and extensiveness. Here its vastness has been described as the vastness of the heaven and earth, and in Surah . AI-'Imran it has been said: "Hasten to follow the path that leads to your Lord's forgiveness and to Paradise whose vastness is that of the universe, which has been prepared for the righteous "' (v. 133) When both these verses are read together, one gets the idea that the; gardens and palaces man will receive in Paradise will only serve as his dwelling-place t but the entire universe will be his home He will not be restricted to one place as be is in this world, where just for reaching the Moon, his nearest neighbour in space, he has had to struggle hard for years and expend excessive resources only to overcome the difficulties of a short journeny. There the whole universe will be accessible to him: he will be able to see whatever he would desire from his station and be able to visit whichever place he would like easily.  

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