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45.31. Was aber diejenigen angeht, die ungläubig waren, so (wird zu ihnen gesagt werden): "Sind euch Meine Zeichen nicht stets verlesen worden? Aber ihr habt euch hochmütig verhalten und seid ein Volk von Übeltätern gewesen.

[ alGatiya:31 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 136

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Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

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Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

6.73. Wahuwa alladhii khalaqa alssamawatiwaal-arda bialhaqqi wayawma yaquulukun fayakuunu qawluhu alhaqqu walahu almulku yawmayunfakhu fii alssuuri AAalimu alghaybi waalschschahadatiwahuwa alhakiimu alkhabiiru

6.73. He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in truth. In that day when He saith: Be! it is. His word is the truth, and His will be the Sovereignty on the day when the trumpet is blown. Knower of the invisible and the visible, He is the Wise, the Aware. (Pickthall)

6.73. Und Er ist derjenige, der die Himmel und die Erde in Wahrheit geschaffen hat, und an einem Tag spricht Er: Sei!, dann ist es. Sein Wort ist die Wahrheit, und Sein ist die Herrschaft am Tage, an dem in das Horn geblasen wird, Er ist der Wissende des Verborgenen und des Offenkundigen, und Er ist der Weise, der Kundige. (Ahmad v. Denffer)

6.73. Und Er ist es, Der die Himmel und die Erde in Wahrheit erschaffen hat. Und an dem Tag, da Er sagt: "Sei!" da wird es sein. Sein Wort ist die Wahrheit. Und Er hat die Herrschaft an dem Tag, da ins Horn geblasen wird. (Er ist) der Kenner des Verborgenen und des Offenbaren, und Er ist der Allweise und Allkundige. (Bubenheim)

6.73. Er ist es, der Himmel und Erde der Wahrheit gemäß erschaffen hat. Wenn Er sagt: "Es sei!", so ist es. Was Er sagt, ist die Wahrheit. Er allein hat die Herrschaft über alles, wenn am Jüngsten Tag ins Horn geblasen wird. Er weiss genauestens um das Verborgene und um das Sichtbare, ist Er doch der Weise, Der über alles Bescheid weiß. (Azhar)

6.73. Und ER ist Derjenige, Der die Himmel und die Erde in Gesetzmäßigkeit erschuf. Und an jenem Tag, wenn ER sagt: ‚Sei!‘ und es ist, ist Sein Wort die Wahrheit. Und nur Ihm gehört die Herrschaft an jenem Tag, wenn in As-sur geblasen wird. ER ist Der Allwissende über das Verborgene und das Sichtbare. Und ER ist Der Allweise, Der Allkundige. (Zaidan)

6.73. Und er ist es, der Himmel und Erde wirklich (und wahrhaftig) geschaffen hat. Und am Tag, da er (zu etwas) sagt: sei!, ist es. Was er sagt, ist die Wahrheit. Und er hat die Herrschaft am Tag, da (zur Gerichtsversammlung) in die Trompete geblasen wird. (Er ist es) der über das, was verborgen, und was allgemein bekannt ist (schahaada), Bescheid weiß, und der weise und (über alles) wohl unterrichtet ist. (Paret)

6.73. Er ist es, Der in Wahrheit die Himmel und die Erde erschuf; und am Tage, da Er spricht: "Sei!" wird es so sein. Sein Wort ist die Wahrheit, und Sein ist das Reich an dem Tage, da in den Sur gestoßen wird. Kenner des Verborgenen und des Offenkundigen - Er ist der Allweise, Der am besten unterrichtet ist. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 71 bis 73

O Muhammad, ask them, "Should we invoke, instead of Allah, those, who can neither benefit us nor harm us? And should we turn upon ow heels after Allah has shown us the Guidance? Should we put ourselves in the sad plight of the man, whom the satans have misled to wander over the desert in a bewildered state of mind, while his companions are calling aloud, `Come to us: here is the right way'?" Say, "In fact, the right guidance is the Guidance of Allah and He has enjoined us to surrender to the Lord of the universe and establish the Salat and refrain from His disobedience; you shall all be gathered unto Him. It is He Who created the heavens and the earth in all truth, ( 46 ) and there shall be Resurrection the day He says, "Be." His word is the very truth and on the Day, when the Trumpet ( 47 ) is blown, His shall be the sole Sovereignty. ( 48 ) He has full knowledge of the visible and the invisible' ( 49 ) and He is All-Wise, All-Knowing."

Desc No: 46
Here very important practical instructions have been given to the pious people. Their first and foremost duty is to save themselves from any disobedience of Allah; they should not worry unnecessarily about the disobedient people, for they are not responsible for their disobedience. They should not, therefore, impose it upon themselves as an obligation that they have to convince them anyhow by argument and to refute their absurd objections. Their only duty is to present the Truth before them. Then, if they do not accept it, the pious people should not waste their time and energy by entering into useless polemical disputes, discussions and argumentations with the disbelievers. Instead, they should spend their time and energy in educating and training and reforming those who are sincere seekers after the Truth. grand purpose behind it. It must, therefore, come to an end at the appointed time and then be resurrected so that the Creator may take account of all that has been done in it and ultimately build the Next World on the results of that reckoning.
That this world has been created for a purpose has also been mentioned at other places in the Qur'an in different ways:
(a) "Lord, You have not created all this in vain....." (AI-`Imran, III: 91).
(b) "We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them for mere fun." (Al-Anbiya', XXI: 16).
(c) "Do you think that We have created you without any purpose and that you will never be brought back to Us?" (AI-Mu'minun, XXIV: 115).
(2) The whole universe has been built on the solid foundations of the Truth. Everything in it is based on just, wise and right laws and there is no room for injustice and folly and falsehood to take root and bear fruit in it. One should not, however, be misled by the partial and temporary successes of falsehood. At times Allah may allow the worshippers of falsehood opportunity to try their worst for the success of falsehood and injustice and wrong ways in order to show that all their efforts shall ultimately fail and every worshipper of falsehood will see at the Last Reckoning that all the efforts made for the success of this unholy cause had gone utterly waste.
(3) Allah has created the universe in truth and is ruling over it by His own personal right. He wields authority here because of His personal right as its Creator; one should not, therefore, be misled by seeing others holding authority over the affairs of the world. In fact, no one has, nor can have, any right to rule here, for no one has any right whatever over anything in the universe. 

Desc No: 47
It is beyond our comprehension to understand the real nature of the blowing of the Trumpet. What we learn from the Qur'an is that on the Day of Resurrection when the first Trumpet shall be blown by the Command of Allah, everyone and everything shall perish. Then after this (Allah alone knows how long after this) the second Trumpet shall be blown; then everyone from the beginning of the creation to its end, shall be brought back to life and mustered in the Plain of Resurrection. In short, on the first blowing of the Trumpet, the present system of the universe shall be destroyed and on its second blowing the new system, different in form and with different laws, shall be created. 

Desc No: 48
It does not mean that today Sovereignty is not His. What it means is this: "On that Day the curtain, that is covering the Reality today, will be lifted and it will become apparent that all those who seemed to wield authority or were supposed to wield it, had absolutely no authority, and that Sovereignty wholly belongs to Allah alone, Who is the Creator of the univers 

Desc No: 49
Ghaib is all that is hidden from the naked eye and cannot be seen and Shahadat is all that is visible to it.  "

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