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20.6. Ihm gehört (alles), was in den Himmeln und was auf der Erde ist und was dazwischen und was unter dem (feuchten) Erdreich ist.

[ Ta Ha:6 ]

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Medina-Musshaf Seite 582

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Ibn Kathir Tabari Jalalain Qurtubi

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Ibn Kathir (NEU!) Jalalain ibn Abbas

78.5. Thumma kalla sayaAAlamuuna

78.5. Nay, again, but they will come to know! (Pickthall)

78.5. Nochmals: Keineswegs! Sie werden Bescheid wissen! (Ahmad v. Denffer)

78.5. Abermals: Keineswegs! Sie werden (es noch) erfahren. (Bubenheim)

78.5. O nein! Das werden sie zu wissen bekommen. (Azhar)

78.5. Dann gewiß, nein! Sie werden es noch wissen. (Zaidan)

78.5. Noch einmal: Nein! Sie werden (es) zu wissen bekommen. (Paret)

78.5. Und abermals nein! Sie werden es bald erfahren. (Rasul)

Tafsir von Maududi für die Ayaat 1 bis 5

About what are they inquiring? Is it about the Great News concerning which they are at variance? ( 1 ) By no means! ( 2 ) They shall soon know. Yes, by no means! They shall soon know! ( 3 )

Desc No: 1
"The Great News": the news of the Resurrection and Hereafter, which the people of Makkah heard with amazement, then raised questions and doubts about it in their assemblies. When they met each other they would ask: "Did you ever hear that the dead will be resurrected to life? Is it credible that life will be infused once again into the bones which have decayed and become rotten? Does it stand to reason that the former and the latter generations will rise up and gather together at one place? Is it possible that these huge mountains which are so firmly set in the earth will fly about like flakes of wool? Can it so happen that the sun and the moon and the stars should be extinguished and the order and system of the world be overturned and upset? What has happened to him who was until yesterday a sane and wise man among us? Today he is giving us strange, impossible news. Where were this Hell and Heaven of which we had never heard from him before? wherefrom have they appeared suddenly so that he has started depicting them so vividly before us?"

Another meaning of fi-hi mukhtalifun also can be: "As these people themselves are not agreed on any one view about the end of fhe world, they hold varying views about it." Some one has been influenced by the Christian belief and believes in the life after death but thinks that the second life would not be a physical but only a spiritual life. Another does not deny the Hereafter absolutely but doubts whether it was possible or not. The Qur'an relates the view of these very people when it says: "We do only guess: we are not certain." (AI-Jathiyah: 32). And another plainly said: "There is no other life than this present life, and we shall never be raised back to life after our death." (Al-An`am: 29). Then, there were some atheists, who said: "Life is only this worldly life of ours. Here we shall die and live and nothing but the change of time destroys us." (AI-Jathiyah: 24). There were some others who were not atheistic but they regarded the second life as impossible. According to them it was beyond the power of God to raise the dead back to life. They said, "Who will give life to these bones when they are rotten." (Ya Sin: 78). Their different views by themselves were a proof that they had no knowledge in this regard; they were only conjecturing and guessing. Had they any knowledge they would have agreed on ane view. (For further explanation, see E.N. 6 of Surah Adh-Dhariyat). 

Desc No: 2
That is, whatever they say about the Hereafter is false, and all their concepts about it are wrong. 

Desc No: 3
That is, the time is not far off when the same thing about which they are expressing all sorts of meaningless doubts and misgivings, will appear before them as a reality. Then they will realize that what the Messenger had foretold was absolutely true and what they were saying on the basis of conjecture and speculation had no truth in it. 

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