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29.32. Er sagte: "Aber Lut befindet sich in ihr." Sie sagten: "Wir wissen sehr wohl, wer sich in ihr befindet. Wir werden ihn ganz gewiß erretten, (ihn) und seine Angehörigen, außer seiner Frau; sie gehört zu denjenigen, die zurückbleiben."

[ al'Ankabut:32 ]

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Ansicht der Ahadith 25-32 von 32 Ahadith, Seite 3/3


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Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 25
Narrated Ibn Umar:

Whenever Allah's Apostle left for Mecca, he used to pray in the mosque of Ash-Shajra, and when he returned (to Medina), he used to pray in the middle of the valley of Dhul-Hulaifa and used to pass the night there till morning.

Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 26
Narrated Anas: The Prophet never returned to his family from a journey at night. He

Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 27
Narrated Jabir: The Prophet forbade going to one's family at night (on arrival from a

Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 28
Narrated Humaid:

Anas said, "Whenever Allah's Apostle returned from a journey, he, on seeing the high places of Medina, would make his she-camel proceed faster; and if it were another animal, even then he used to make it proceed faster."

Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 29
Narrated Anas:

As above, but mentioned "the walls of Medina" instead of "the high places of Medina. Al-Harith bin Umar agrees with Anas.

Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 30
Narrated Abu Ishaq:

I heard Al-Bara' saying, "The above Verse was revealed regarding us, for the Ansar on returning from Hajj never entered their houses through the proper doors but from behind. One of the Ansar came and entered through the door and he was taunted for it. Therefore, the following was revealed: --

"It is not righteousness That you enter the houses from the back, But the righteous man is He who fears Allah, Obeys His order and keeps away from What He has forbidden So, enter houses through the proper doors." (2.189)

Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 31
Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "Traveling is a kind of torture as it prevents one from eating, drinking and sleeping properly. So, when one's needs are fulfilled, one should return quickly to one's family."

Band: 3, Buch: 27, Nummer: 32
Narrated Zaid bin Aslam from his father:

I was with Ibn 'Umar on the way to Mecca, and he got the news that Safiya bint Abu Ubaid was seriously ill. So, he hastened his pace, and when the twilight disappeared, he dismounted and offered the Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers together. Then he said, "I saw that whenever the Prophet had to hasten when traveling, he would delay the Maghrib prayer and join them together (i.e. offer the Maghrib and the Isha prayers together)."

Ansicht von 25-32 von 32 Ahadith, Seite 3/3


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