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6.93. Und wer ist ungerechter, als wer gegen Allah eine Lüge ersinnt oder sagt: "Mir ist (Offenbarung) eingegeben worden", während ihm überhaupt nichts eingegeben worden ist, und wer sagt: "Ich werde hinabsenden, gleich dem, was Allah hinabgesandt hat"? Und wenn du sehen würdest, wie sich die Ungerechten in den Fluten des Todes befinden und die Engel ihre Hände ausstrecken: "Gebt eure Seelen heraus! Heute wird euch mit der schmählichen Strafe vergolten, daß ihr stets über Allah die Unwahrheit gesagt habt und euch gegenüber Seinen Zeichen hochmütig zu verhalten pflegtet".

[ alAn'am:93 ]

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Ansicht der Ahadith 13-24 von 43 Ahadith, Seite 2/4


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Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 632
Narrated Said bin Zaid:

Allah's Apostle said, "Whoever usurps the land of somebody unjustly, his neck will be encircled with it down the seven earths (on the Day of Resurrection). "

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 633
Narrated Abu Salama:

That there was a dispute between him and some people (about a piece of land). When he told 'Aisha about it, she said, "O Abu Salama! Avoid taking the land unjustly, for the Prophet said, 'Whoever usurps even one span of the land of somebody, his neck will be encircled with it down the seven earths."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 634
Narrated Salim's father (i.e. 'Abdullah):

The Prophet said, "Whoever takes a piece of the land of others unjustly, he will sink down the seven earths on the Day of Resurrection."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 635
Narrated Jabala:

"We were in Medina with some of the Iraqi people, and we were struck with famine and Ibn Az-Zubair used to give us dates. Ibn 'Umar used to pass by and say, "The Prophet forbade us to eat two dates at a time, unless one takes the permission of one's companions."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 636
Narrated Abu Mas'ud:

There was an Ansari man called Abu Shu'aib who had a slave butcher. Abu Shu'aib said to him, "Prepare a meal sufficient for five persons so that I might invite the Prophet besides other four persons." Abu Shu'aib had seen the signs of hunger on the face of the Prophet and so he invited him. Another man who was not invited, followed the Prophet. The Prophet said to Abu Shu'aib, "This man has followed us. Do you allow him to share the meal?" Abu Shu'aib said, "Yes."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 637
Narrated  Aisha:

The Prophet said, "The most hated person in the sight of Allah is the most quarrelsome person."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 638
Narrated Um Salama:

(the wife of the Prophet) Allah's Apostle heard some people quarreling at the door of his dwelling. He came out and said, "I am only a human being, and opponents come to me (to settle their problems); maybe someone amongst you can present his case more eloquently than the other, whereby I may consider him true and give a verdict in his favor. So, If I give the right of a Muslim to another by mistake, then it is really a portion of (Hell) Fire, he has the option to take or give up (before the Day of Resurrection)."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 639
Narrated  Abdullah bin 'Amr:

The Prophet said, "Whoever has (the following) four characters will be a hypocrite, and whoever has one of the following four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy until he gives it up. These are: (1 ) Whenever he talks, he tells a lie; (2) whenever he makes a promise, he breaks it; (3) whenever he makes a covenant he proves treacherous; (4) and whenever he quarrels, he behaves impudently in an evil insulting manner." (See Hadith No. 33 Vol. 1)

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 640
Narrated Aisha:

Hind bint 'Utba (Abu Sufyan's wife) came and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Abu Sufyan is a miser. Is there any harm if I spend something from his property for our children?" He said, there is no harm for you if you feed them from it justly and reasonably (with no extravagance)."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 641
Narrated  Uqba bin 'Amir:

We staid to the Prophet, "You send us out and it happens that we have to stay with such people as do not entertain us. What do you think about it? He said to us, "If you stay with some people and they entertain you as they should for a guest, accept their hospitality, but If they don't do, take the right of the guest from them."

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 642
Narrated  Umar:

When Allah took away the soul of His Prophet at his death, the Ansar assembled In the shed of Bani Sa'ida. I said to Abu Bakr, "Let us go." So, we come to them (i.e. to Ansar) at the shed of Bani Sa'ida. (See Hadith No. 19, Vol. 5 for details)

Band: 3, Buch: 43, Nummer: 643
Narrated Al-Araj:

Abu Huraira said, "Allah's Apostle said, 'No-one should prevent his neighbor from fixing a wooden peg in his wall." Abu Huraira said (to his companions), "Why do I find you averse to it? By Allah, I certainly will narrate it to you."

Ansicht von 13-24 von 43 Ahadith, Seite 2/4


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