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22.46. Reisen sie denn nicht auf der Erde umher, so daß sie Herzen bekommen, mit denen sie begreifen, oder Ohren, mit denen sie hören? Denn nicht die Blicke sind blind, sondern blind sind die Herzen, die in den Brüsten sind.

[ alHagg:46 ]

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 Buch: Military Expeditions led by the Prophet (pbuh) (Al-Maghaazi)
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Ansicht der Ahadith 109-120 von 465 Ahadith, Seite 10/39


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Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 393
Narrated Anas:

When it was the day of Uhud, the people left the Prophet while Abu Talha was in front of the Prophet shielding him with his leather shield. Abu Talha was a skillful archer who used to shoot violently. He broke two or three arrow bows on that day. If a man carrying a quiver full of arrows passed by, the Prophet would say (to him), put (scatter) its contents for Abu Talha." The Prophet would raise his head to look at the enemy, whereupon Abu Talha would say, "Let my father and mother be sacrificed for you ! Do not raise your head, lest an arrow of the enemy should hit you. (Let) my neck (be struck) rather than your neck." I saw 'Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr, and Um Sulaim rolling up their dresses so that I saw their leg-bangles while they were carrying water skins on their backs and emptying them in the mouths of the (wounded) people. They would return to refill them and again empty them in the mouths of the (wounded) people. The sword fell from Abu Talha's hand twice or thrice (on that day).

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 394
Narrated  Aisha:

When it was the day of Uhud, the pagans were defeated. Then Satan, Allah's Curse be upon him, cried loudly, "O Allah's Worshippers, beware of what is behind!" On that, the front files of the (Muslim) forces turned their backs and started fighting with the back files. Hudhaifa looked, and on seeing his father Al-Yaman, he shouted, "O Allah's Worshippers, my father, my father!" But by Allah, they did not stop till they killed him. Hudhaifa said, "May Allah forgive you." (The sub-narrator, 'Urwa, said, "By Allah, Hudhaifa continued asking Allah's Forgiveness for the killers of his father till he departed to Allah (i.e. died).")

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 395
Narrated  Uthman bin Mauhab:

A man came to perform the Hajj to (Allah's) House. Seeing some people sitting, he said, "Who are these sitting people?" Somebody said, "They are the people of Quraish." He said, "Who is the old man?" They said, "Ibn 'Umar." He went to him and said, "I want to ask you about something; will you tell me about it? I ask you with the respect due to the sanctity of this (Sacred) House, do you know that 'Uthman bin 'Affan fled on the day of Uhud?" Ibn 'Umar said, "Yes." He said, "Do you know that he (i.e. 'Uthman) was absent from the Badr (battle) and did not join it?" Ibn 'Umar said, "Yes." He said, "Do you know that he failed to be present at the Ridwan Pledge of allegiance (i.e. Pledge of allegiance at Hudaibiya) and did not witness it?" Ibn 'Umar replied, "Yes," He then said, "Allahu-Akbar!" Ibn 'Umar said, "Come along; I will inform you and explain to you what you have asked. As for the flight (of 'Uthman) on the day of Uhud, I testify that Allah forgave him. As regards his absence from the Badr (battle), he was married to the daughter of Allah's Apostle and she was ill, so the Prophet said to him, 'You will have such reward as a man who has fought the Badr battle will get, and will also have the same share of the booty.' As for his absence from the Ridwan Pledge of allegiance if there had been anybody more respected by the Meccans than 'Uthman bin 'Affan, the Prophet would surely have sent that man instead of 'Uthman. So the Prophet sent him (i.e. 'Uthman to Mecca) and the Ridwan Pledge of allegiance took place after 'Uthman had gone to Mecca. The Prophet raised his right hand saying. 'This is the hand of 'Uthman,' and clapped it over his other hand and said, "This is for 'Uthman.'" Ibn 'Umar then said (to the man), "Go now, after taking this information."

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 396
Narrated Al-Bara' bin 'Azib:

The Prophet appointed Abdullah bin Jubair as the commander of the cavalry archers on the day of the battle of Uhud. Then they returned defeated, and that what is referred to by Allah's Statement:-- "And the Apostle (Muhammad) in your rear was calling you." (3.153)

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 397
Narrated Salim's father:

That he heard Allah's Apostle, when raising his head from bowing of the first Rak'a of the morning prayer, saying, "O Allah! Curse so-and-so and so-and-so" after he had said, "Allah hears him who sends his praises to Him. Our Lord, all the Praises are for you!" So Allah revealed:-- "Not for you (O Muhammad! )......(till the end of Verse) they are indeed wrong-doers." (3.128) Salim bin 'Abdullah said' "Allah's Apostle used to invoke evil upon Safwan bin Umaiya, Suhail bin 'Amr and Al-Harith bin Hisham. So the Verse was revealed:-- "Not for you (O Muhammad!)......(till the end of Verse) For they are indeed wrong-doers." (3.128)

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 398
Narrated Tha'laba bin Abi Malik:

'Umar bin Al-Khattab distributed woolen clothes amongst some women of Medina, and a nice woolen garment remained. Some of those who were sitting with him, said, "O chief of the believers! Give it to the daughter of Allah's Apostle who is with you," and by that, they meant Um Kulthum, the daughter of 'Ali. Umar said, "Um Salit has got more right than she." Um Saht was amongst those Ansari women who had given the pledge of allegiance to Allah's Apostle . 'Umar added, "She (i.e. Um Salit) used to carry the filled water skins for us on the day of the battle of Uhud."

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 399
Narrated Jafar bin 'Amr bin Umaiya:

I went out with 'Ubaidullah bin 'Adi Al-Khaiyar. When we reached Hims (i.e. a town in Syria), 'Ubaidullah bin 'Adi said (to me), "Would you like to see Wahshi so that we may ask him about the killing of Hamza?" I replied, "Yes." Wahshi used to live in Hims. We enquired about him and somebody said to us, "He is that in the shade of his palace, as if he were a full water skin." So we went up to him, and when we were at a short distance from him, we greeted him and he greeted us in return. 'Ubaidullah was wearing his turban and Wahshi could not see except his eyes and feet. 'Ubaidullah said, "O Wahshi! Do you know me?" Wahshi looked at him and then said, "No, by Allah! But I know that 'Adi bin Al-Khiyar married a woman called Um Qital, the daughter of Abu Al-Is, and she delivered a boy for him at Mecca, and I looked for a wet nurse for that child. (Once) I carried that child along with his mother and then I handed him over to her, and your feet resemble that child's feet." Then 'Ubaidullah uncovered his face and said (to Wahshi), "Will you tell us (the story of) the killing of Hamza?" Wahshi replied "Yes, Hamza killed Tuaima bin 'Adi bin Al-Khaiyar at Badr (battle) so my master, Jubair bin Mut'im said to me, 'If you kill Hamza in revenge for my uncle, then you will be set free." When the people set out (for the battle of Uhud) in the year of 'Ainain ..'Ainain is a mountain near the mountain of Uhud, and between it and Uhud there is a valley.. I went out with the people for the battle. When the army aligned for the fight, Siba' came out and said, 'Is there any (Muslim) to accept my challenge to a duel?' Hamza bin 'Abdul Muttalib came out and said, 'O Siba'. O Ibn Um Anmar, the one who circumcises other ladies! Do you challenge Allah and His Apostle?' Then Hamza attacked and killed him, causing him to be non-extant like the bygone yesterday. I hid myself under a rock, and when he (i.e. Hamza) came near me, I threw my spear at him, driving it into his umbilicus so that it came out through his buttocks, causing him to die. When all the people returned to Mecca, I too returned with them. I stayed in (Mecca) till Islam spread in it (i.e. Mecca). Then I left for Taif, and when the people (of Taif) sent their messengers to Allah's Apostle, I was told that the Prophet did not harm the messengers; So I too went out with them till I reached Allah's Apostle. When he saw me, he said, 'Are you Wahshi?' I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'Was it you who killed Hamza?' I replied, 'What happened is what you have been told of.' He said, 'Can you hide your face from me?' So I went out when Allah's Apostle died, and Musailamah Al-Kadhdhab appeared (claiming to be a prophet). I said, 'I will go out to Musailamah so that I may kill him, and make amends for killing Hamza. So I went out with the people (to fight Musailamah and his followers) and then famous events took place concerning that battle. Suddenly I saw a man (i.e. Musailamah) standing near a gap in a wall. He looked like an ash-colored camel and his hair was dishevelled. So I threw my spear at him, driving it into his chest in between his breasts till it passed out through his shoulders, and then an Ansari man attacked him and struck him on the head with a sword. 'Abdullah bin 'Umar said, 'A slave girl on the roof of a house said: Alas! The chief of the believers (i.e. Musailamah) has been killed by a black slave."

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 400
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle (pointing to his broken canine tooth) said, "Allah's Wrath has become severe on the people who harmed His Prophet. Allah's Wrath has become severe on the man who is killed by the Apostle of Allah in Allah's Cause."

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 401
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas

Allah's Wrath became severe on him whom the Prophet had killed in Allah's Cause. Allah's Wrath became severe on the people who caused the face of Allah's Prophet to bleed.

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 402
Narrated Abu Hazim:

That he heard Sahl bin Sad being asked about the wounds of Allah's Apostle saying, "By Allah, I know who washed the wounds of Allah's Apostle and who poured water (for washing them), and with what he was treated." Sahl added, "Fatima, the daughter of Allah's Apostle used to wash the wounds, and 'Ali bin Abi Talib used to pour water from a shield. When Fatima saw that the water aggravated the bleeding, she took a piece of a mat, burnt it, and inserted its ashes into the wound so that the blood was congealed (and bleeding stopped). His canine tooth got broken on that day, and face was wounded, and his helmet was broken on his head."

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 403
Narrated Ibn Abbas:

Allah's Wrath gets severe on a person killed by a prophet, and Allah's Wrath became severe on him who had caused the face of Allah's Apostle to bleed

Band: 5, Buch: 59, Nummer: 404
Narrated  Aisha:

Regarding the Holy Verse: "Those who responded (To the call) of Allah And the Apostle (Muhammad), After being wounded, For those of them Who did good deeds And refrained from wrong, there is a great reward." (3.172)

She said to 'Urwa, "O my nephew! Your father, Az-Zubair and Abu Bakr were amongst them (i.e. those who responded to the call of Allah and the Apostle on the day (of the battle of Uhud). When Allah's Apostle, suffered what he suffered on the day of Uhud and the pagans left, the Prophet was afraid that they might return. So he said, 'Who will go on their (i.e. pagans') track?' He then selected seventy men from amongst them (for this purpose)." (The sub-narrator added, "Abu Bakr and Az-Zubair were amongst them.")

Ansicht von 109-120 von 465 Ahadith, Seite 10/39


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